Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - Easter Weekend Edition

 1. As usual, we spent a lovely Easter weekend at the farm.  We all dressed up for Easter vigil Mass and the cousin picture is awesome.  I think E and RO are the cutest.

2.  Getting a picture of our kids was a little less successful and involved some tackling, but we managed it.  
 3.  M had some rough moments over the weekend including a big bloody nose during mass and a black eye on Sunday, but definitely was an enthusiastic participant in everything from naps to planting and Easter egg hunts.
 3.  B did a great job as the big kid and did not pick up any of the "easy" eggs at the Easter egg hunt.  In part because we actually went to creation story practice this year he got to bring in lots of the cooler items, including tadpoles that we brought along for the adventure.  Still prone to crazy eyes in pictures.

 4.  E was not in to pictures, but was completely adorable and moved easily between Aunts, Uncles, parents and Grandma during mass and the festivities.  I am suspicious that some people in Bison may think that he and Ro are Audra and Zach's twin boys.  They are very cute together.
 5.  B went with super cheese face here? No clue.  Otherwise, it worked out pretty well this time.
 6.  Yes, I did crop a child out of this photo.  We didn't get much sleep as E was a noisy, needy companion, but did have a great time watching our kids and nephews play and enjoy Easter together.
 7.  Otherwise, Easter was a lot of chasing each other,
 baskets of goodies,

 So many sweet treats and chocolate bunnies,
 lots of cousin time,
 Fun exploring the farm,
 coffee outside by the fire,
and snuggling,
 8.  There was also, of course, an epic Easter egg hunt on a chilly, windy day.

 and more candy.
 and more coffee by the fire.
 9.  There was also an awesome treasure hunt.  I helped B and E who had written riddle clues.  They took a bit longer than team Z&M, but had a great time.

10.  We ended the celebrations with smashing cascaroes and getting confetti everywhere.  In the middle there somewhere was an incredibly awesome fish fry that we have to make a tradition. I also got to go for a run in the country with Zach, Able, and Kari on a very windy day.  It was hard to run in to the wind, but great to do it together. 

This week is all about packing and more packing here. .... this whole moving craziness is moving right along.  Thanks especially to the Korenaks for all their help!

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