Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ten on whatever day this is...

1.  I'm not going to attempt to recap life right now, just going with straight random thoughts gathered as the tornado sirens intermittently go off in the background.  At some point, I'm not sure how useful they are.  I think they've gone off at least 7 times.

2. Our house is on the market.  - Feel free to make an offer. It was a whirlwind 3 weeks from the day we randomly started on this journey until it was listed. I feel like I should write that story soon before I forget it.

3.  We have "tentatively" entered a contingency agreement to buy this house - there are many ways this may not work out.  I'm therefore trying to manage expectations.  It is a great house in amazing shape, just a few miles further north than we'd planned.  We shall see.

4. (Make that eight times) We saw a really beautiful double rainbow tonight. So lovely. Then the storm began again. I am glad kids got to play in the sprinkles in the lull in the storm.

5. After the super stress filled day that ended with making an offer on the house, we had family pictures with Heather Warren.  This playground was super fun. I was amazed at how strong M was and how long she could hold on to this. I'm glad it was offer the offer as I was much more relaxed once the decision was made.  It was good to just be together and wander the woods.

6. On Friday, B was out of school for no particular reason so we had a play date on a beautiful afternoon at the Myriad Gardens with the Korenaks.  So fun!

7. (I think that is 9? Do they ever really stop? Am I hearing things? Tornado right over I-35, that is bad).  Work has been a little stressful lately too with lots of mandatory "all hands" meetings.  Luckily, Uncle Able pitched in and took E to school.  Riding to school with Uncle Able comes with complementary hats and is way more fun.

8.  In vaguely related news, E decided he randomly wanted to start wearing underwear to school.  He seems to be doing fairly well with that.  He still isn't the greatest about telling us when he needs to go.  TMI....etc... etc... but small progress??

9. This is M's new spring/summer look.  Cherry flipflops, hi/low Maxi dress, sun hat - very stylish and beautiful.  The hat doesn't always work with the wind, but every single person complements her when she wears it.  Love it.

10. Today, I left my house to pick up the kids at about 2:25 (aka at the last minute).  I opened the garage and there were some women in the driveway parked behind my van.  They looked like a few of my mom's friends and I thought maybe she was stopping by? Turns out they were there fore a showing that my real estate agent had forgotten to tell me about.  Of course my house was "not quite perfect" as we hadn't had a showing in a few days and we, well, live here in between.  I ran through the house in about 3 minutes doing the quick pickup an grabbing my work laptop, ditching wet towels, etc.. I walked out very confused and flustered.  My real estate agent called theirs to apologize and apparently they were fine with it and planning to make an offer???? We shall see, but SUCH a crazy, wild afternoon and that was before the tornadoes. (Yes, the sirens are still/again going off). 

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