Friday, May 8, 2015

Five on Friday

Random favorites in the middle of chaos:

1) Yoga with Adriene - I am doing this 30 days of yoga series via her utube channel.  Each day is only 15-30 minutes, so I often add other things to the end or do it in combination with my cardio, but it is good and really interesting to have all that variety in yoga options.

2. - This is a house hunting website I hadn't used until recently.  It gets listings pretty fast and will send me push notifications of things that fit my search criteria.  Also, Brent and I share favorites so I can see what he favorites and we can leave each other comments.  It, like every site we've tried, isn't perfect and the house we put an offer on isn't even listed.... but that house shows up almost nowhere for some reason.  All the better for us!

3. Lemon Mint Leaf Candle - As part of our preparations to sell our home I bought candles and things so it will smell nicer than whatever we cooked for dinner or diapers or whatever our house normally smells like.  This scent is by far my favorite. I don't even usually like scented candles, but this one is great. (This peony & clover option is in second place).

4. Yumbox - Ok, these are stupid expensive high end lunch boxes, but the DO NOT spill things like yogurt, dip, applesauce, etc and this seems to result in my children actually eating all their vegetables so, yeah, we got one and we love it.

5. StitchFix - Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt - Yes, I am adoring a fancy "sweat shirt."  This is my attempt at seeming vaguely put together and cute while being super comfy.  Somehow not having my alma mater's name on the front makes it dressier? Who knew?  Out of my three stitch fix boxes I have purchased four items.  The sweatshirt, a cool flowy cardigan, a work shell top, and a navy dress.  I am very happy with all of my purchase and M & I have the most fun trying things on and taking photos of the various outfits.  It is great, easy entertainment and maybe slightly improving my wardrobe choices too. Hooray!

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