Sunday, June 14, 2015

E @ 3 - Everything is Awesome

 As noted in E's Birthday Interview - The LEGO Movie is definitely his favorite this year.  More particularly, the main theme - "Everything is Awesome".  As an adult watching the movie, you get the sarcasm behind this song.  However, as a kid, it is upbeat, fun, catchy, and everything, hopefully, is awesome.  E loves this song.  It is his personal anthem.  He sings it daily, usually several times.  He increasingly knows more and more of the words, after months of just singing the "hook."  He even sang it in a retirement video for a colleague and friend of mine this week. We listen (and sing to it loudly) in the car, at the dinner table, in his room, anywhere he thinks of it.  He also does some pretty awesome dancing to his favorite tune.  Also, "awesome" has crept into his vocabulary and is regularly used to described many things (because everything is awesome, obviously). It is adorable and brings him such great joy. I love what a happy, joyfilled, smiling, guy he is.  It is infections and, well, awesome.  I love it.

As an aside, E is pretty musical generally. He sings, dances, and plays musical instruments a lot (see harmonica day above).  After M's Disney Musical Performance on his birthday he asked if he could go to a class like that, so we are going to try to find one after the big move.

Ps. Yes, I am trying to get a good video of him singing Everything is Awesome, but so far he's a bit shy/not himself in the video versions.

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