Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  My life right now is full of stress and drama.  At the base of it, almost all of this drama stems from a few choices we made.  So, in a way, no one to blame but ourselves.  That said, Brent and I are incredibly perseverant and good at overcoming obstacles so I'm going to just have to believe this will all work itself out.  Either that our I'm going to be stressed out for ever.  Yes, I may have reached the "acceptance" phase, whatever that is. (Vague blogging for the win?)

2.  One consequence of spending April and most of May absorbed by housing issues is that some of the things I "normally" do in the spring didn't happen.  You know, finding a babysitter for the summer, signing kids up for camps and swimming lessons, etc... I mean, I did sign the kids up for some things, only to realize that some of them conflict, so that's no good. I am usually terrifically good at our complicated logistics so this just shows an incredible lack of focus on my part.  I did hire a babysitter, but odds are I'll have to find another one next week.  I often talk to our kids about consequences, but it just so happens that I'll likely be bearing the brunt of them this particular summer.

3.  Also, it is June.  Long time readers may recall that each June Brent runs a research program of sorts that means he isn't home in the evenings. (It also means he gets paid a nice lump sum very close to the time we buy our house... so I really can't complain).  In any case, I need ideas of fun things to do around 5pm that are cheap and local. We are already at parks almost daily and suppose we'll add splash pads soon, but ideas would be great.

4.  Home insurance in Oklahoma is crazy expensive.  I got the estimate from the bank of our closing costs and laughed out loud at their incredibly low estimate of what the home insurance would be.  It was actually less then we pay for our current house that is just a bit more than half the size of the new one.  I get why insurance is so expensive here, but that doesn't make it any less painful.

5.  I am just now realizing that none of you and probably not even future me care about 1/2 the things in the previous items.  My apologies.  You are really just here for an update on farm camp and summer fun, right? Let's start with today's awesome zoo trip  We were "allegedly" going to have swimming lessons during the house inspection today.  Of course some pipe catastrophically failed so no swimming.  Instead, we went to the zoo with the Korenaks and Grandma.  It was so awesome. I love, loved it.  I took a conference call from the children's zoo --- a new first!  While I was doing that, Grandma bought all the kids glittery animal tattoos of their choice. I totally wouldn't have done it (see above freaking out about money) but they are so awesome.  They were the inspiration for half this afternoon's play, super powers, original songs, etc... Huge random win.   Also, the animal choices were rather interesting - B - chose a dolphin as he mourns leaving his elementary school (the dolphins), M- chose butterfiles always, because obviously, Z- obsessed with snakes and a no brainer, I was a bit surprised by E who really hasn't been in to lions, but loved his today, R - frogs - definitely one of his favorites

6. Sunday, we were unexpectedly back in the city and spent a calm morning splashing in the Thunder Fountain, having a picnic, and roaming the Myriad Children's Garden before B started feeling sick again. I am so excited to go see the Charlotte's Web set-up there on Friday!

7.  Farm Camp - Day 1 - My favorite part of farm camp was the Nature Walk.  Day one also featured matching camp shirts, catching a turtle and lots of turtle observation, trips to the creek, horse rides, fun in a hay barn, catching tadpoles, and a very fast ride in a small horse drawn cart. There were also lots of oreos, snuggling, short naps, mud, a little gardening, I think, and lots of fun. Brent and Zach arrived just in time for hugs before campers went to sleep in their sleeping bags together.

8.  Farm Camp - Day 2 - Brent & Zach, with occasional helpers, spent most of the day working on the tree house.  It is phenomenal, and much further along than I predicted.  They did take breaks to go on a snake hunt with us in the west pasture.  Yes, I still hate snakes and Zane still loves them. I did spot the first snake on day one and have seen more snakes this week than all last year. Uggh.  Anyway, we mandated serious naps before a trip in to Enid and the only one who didn't nap got sick.  This freaked Audra out entirely with visions of all 12 of us puking at the farm, and she began planning everyone's exit.  Meanwhile, we went to Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse in Enid and the adjoining Adventure Quest.  The latter being more awesome than the former.  We attempted to ride the train or carousel, but it wasn't running yet and after some playground and pizza decided to head home before anyone else got sick.  We stayed and played at the farm and admired the tree house progress, but ultimately my family went home to try and keep our germs to ourselves. We did then miss all the fun of Sunday :(

9.  Monday, We spent time at the park instead of at swimming to everyone's great disappointment.  They did manage to have a lot of fun at the park and protest our departure.  Then, target and time for my new afternoon work day.  I also had a Doctor's appointment, B had a Spanish lesson, and then B's first baseball game in awhile.  He actually fielded three balls and helped get an out.  We also learned from our babysitter on her first day that she may not be staying more than a week or two (head exploded), booked a moving van, booked a rental car for vacation in DC, filled out more mortgage paperwork, and cleaned our house all over again for the inspections on Tuesday.  Monday was intense.

10.  So what's up tomorrow? Well, swimming supposedly resumes, but I'll believe it when I see it.  I am concerned that E might have caught whatever illness Ro seems to have.  In theory it should be a normal work/babysitter day, Brent won't be home until later again.  The next big house thing is Thursday - inspections on the new house.  Meanwhile, I am exploring childcare for E in the fall (he is on a wait list somewhere, but need to find something more concrete).  I also will try to pare our budget down to make room for the new mortgage and related expenses.  So, I'll probably still have an intense day even though we don't have any "big" plans.  Oh, and we should hear back about repairs on our house quite soon.  Seriously need those to not be astronomical, but we shall see.

Oh, and E's birthday is next week so maybe I should come up with a plan for that.......

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