Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ten on Thursday

1.  So, we sold our house, or at least we believe we have.  There are still inspections and all the things that lead up to a closing process.  We also think we've picked out a house, but similar caveats apply. (Aside, there is a street in our town called Caveat Drive with lots of houses for sale.  We sort of think it would have been appropriate to end up there...)

2. Something keeps going wrong with our current house nearly every week.  It either doesn't want us to leave or is a sign it is going to all fall apart soon or something.  First, small things like the toilet lever and a series of other things leading up to the garage door spring breaking today ($180).  Seriously.... sigh.

3. The new house, of course, has issues.  It is completely beautiful inside, but has a wide variety of issues in the backyard.  We may yet back out and go another way.  Also, it is expensive and spending this much money freaks me out.  In concept, we should be able to afford it, but in practice, yeah, freaking out.

 4.  The day we put the offer on this house we had a long-scheduled photo session right afterwards.  I'll probably sprinkle the photos in to posts for awhile, but I've added several favorites here today.  I love Heather and she photographs us so well, in part because we are so comfortable with her.

 5.  M took a picture in this exact pose exactly 3 years ago.  The look in her eyes was, ummm, not the same.   My how she's grown. This summer she is taking swimming lessons & (for half the summer) french lessons as well as attending one day of dance camp and one week of Disney Musical Theater Camp.
6.  I could not be happier to have a picture of B with his real smile.  Love this  one. This summer he is learning to type, reading, taking swimming & spanish lessons, and maybe learning a little programming.
 7.  Serious face, curious, and silly - ours all three.
8.  This is a classic expression of his and the first in a serious right after this of all his favorite faces.  Glad she got them all :)  This summer he "might" start swimming lessons, but is mostly working on potty training, playing with his little guys, and snuggling his mom.

9.  Today, we embarked on some summer fun.  It began with buying rainboots because the rain seems here to stay (or maybe this will end the cycle? ) It ended with ice cream at Roxy's new ice cream store.  We've loved the truck forever, but are so excited to always be able to find them now!

10.  In between, we enjoyed our picnic at the Myriad Gardens, got wet in the Thunder fountain, and climbed and played all over the children's garden.  We will be back next week for Charlotte's Web in the gardens (We're just about finished with the book and next week the garden will be transformed in to scenes from the book!!)  Next time, we're bringing swimming suits for sure!  I so want summer to be more about hanging out in the gardens and less about stress, moving, money, stuff, logistics, things breaking, people being sick, mud, and all the things that have been the focus this week.  Tomorrow begins farm camp and hopefully some less stressful times!

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