Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ten on Wednesday

1. We are moving in 8 days.  We made small steps closer today as the repairs list came back to them and is "maybe" OK.  Good lawyering says it commits them to fixing the termite issue.  Realistic buyer suspects they are bad at drafting. We're going to lock it down, but are fixing or giving us money for all the other items.

2.  With that in mind, we have only packed items in the garage basically since April.... perhaps we should start, but we mostly only left things we are using so it is hard to pack them far in advance because we are mostly using these thing daily.

3.  All of the kids are sad about moving.  B is the saddest and emo/clingy way more than usual.  Not to mention that he actually walked directly into the exterior of our brick house today while playing marco polo with the babysitter.  PS that game is somewhat safer in water or open spaces than next to our house.  He needed alone time after that and has a big goose egg on his forehead and skinned knees.

4.  In one of my more substantial parenting fails, I thought Frozen dance camp was tomorrow and, in fact, it was today.  MUCH devastation with that news.  We're trying to get her reschedule to August or to the more generic "choose your princess" camp tomorrow. We bought a leotard today that is beautiful, but now she is upset because if she takes tomorrow's class she won't have a costume (it is a costumed class) and all hers are in storage.  Her life is hard. I suspect we will think of something tomorrow. (Updated - Dance Unlimited graciously switched her to the Princess Choice camp today where kids come as whatever princess they choose for free!  SO awesome. We picked up a Sophia Magician's Robe along the way and she was ready to go! Hooray!)

5. Swimming lessons are going rather well at the Y.  B is doing amazingly well and I get to exercise during his class.  He is a little stressed out about how we will meet up after, but otherwise content.  M's class is probably a bit hard for her, but also what she needs.  She is sticking with it, working hard, and getting better every day.  Very encouraging.

6.  Last week, M did the Disney Mini-Musical Camp.  It was awesome.  They had five songs with motions and did very well with them. I think she enjoyed it and did well with the performance at the end. I have a couple videos that I'll try to share here separately.

7. It seems increasingly insane that we are leaving for DC for nearly a week just days after we move.  It is happening though. I think it will be a good trip, but hard to focus with all the other things happening just now. Lots of things are shifting in my office too so it feels like one more instability. I keep thinking that come November this is all going to great.

8. Tomorrow is the last day of IRSP for Brent.  In the prior six years, him being gone has taken over our June and seemed to be the craziest thing.  This year, it really wasn't much of a disruption compared to every single other thing happening.  This is probably good as he has two more weeks of camp in July, which is a first.  Here's hoping that goes smoothly too.

9.  E has decided to switch his nap schedule to 2:20pm.  This is not ideal as it means he is mostly sleeping when the babysitter is here and mostly not when she's not... Best laid plans.  Speaking of which the babysitter is taking off to London for two weeks unexpectedly.  Luckily, I'm not working much during that time due to the move and trip, and have found someone to fill in for the missing days, but seriously????

10.  Baseball season is over for the spring it ended with an in-field home run in the last game of the season--the only one Brent missed :(  It was a rainy day, but a good end to the season and the team won!  I've enjoyed baseball evenings more than predicted.  I sort of hope we get to do it again.  I think we will, but we shall see.

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