Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1. We're back! Since the last post we've sold our house, bought a new house, I went to a conference and we all went on family vacation in Washington DC.  I am not going to attempt to cover all that here as just uploading the pictures would push me past bedtime. I will touch on how we're doing this week and fit in other stories as the never ending unpacking/house repair allows. (In fairness the house is fine, the yard has issues and inside we just have set-up related issues).

2.  I am good at many things.  I am, however, extremely bad at picking out curtains.  Before I left, I bought curtains for the front windows so at least they would be covered while we were gone.  Those were WAY too short.  I bought new ones today--- also too short.  Clearly, I've lost my mind.  Also, I feel fairly clueless when I'm picking them out and rarely like any of them.  I am much better at ordering blinds, but did manage to get one set of those that won't fit either.  Sigh.  Yes, I buy houses with amazing light and then cover up all the windows.  In fairness, sometimes in the summer all that solar gain is too expensive to cool.  I am attempting to otherwise keep them open so the light comes in.

3.  We did not see the Korenaks (or the rest of our families) for nearly two weeks and our kids got pretty stressed out about it.  M was especially missing Zane and asked when she could see him repeatedly on our flights home.  This week we've had lunch and a playdate at our house, followed by evening swim and movies at their house and then bouncin' craze + lunch today.  Everyone is feeling much better.

4.  I adore the new house.  My desk faces out in to the front yard and it is so beautifully full of trees and lush green with all the rain (yes, it needs to be mowed badly... hoping my buddy Eric the yard guy comes soon).  The house is lovely, big, and filling up with lots of things.  It is a struggle to sort it all out, but very happy to be here now even with all the fixing and moving and whatnot.

5.  M and B are playing surprisingly well together these days.  I am sure that having most of their toys, games, books, and crafts back is helping, but it is nice to listen to as I work.  Yesterday B was in an amazingly good mood and so was everyone else.  Today he was a bit more moody and we were back to constant reminders to listen and be kind.  So it goes.

6.  Our kids were amazing travelers.  It is incredibly easier to travel with kids this age than babies and they rocked it. I was expecting them to be highly reliant on electronics in transit, but they had almost none the entire trip back (it takes roughly 7-8 hours all in with to and from the airport time).  They were walked all over the place with astonishingly little complaining on this trip.  They are back to complaining at home, of course, but were so resilient and great on this adventure.  Definitely makes me want to take them more places... save for the whole money thing. I'm sure we'll figure it out.

7.  I came to the astonishing realization that school begins in 6 weeks.  Of course none of them are actually registered for schools they will attend.  EPS registration is next week and I still need to figure out E's childcare situation a bit more.  M and I did a little shopping for kindergarten today.  So hard to fathom her not being here with me as much any more, but she is definitely fully ready now and will be an awesome kindergartener.

8.  Living somewhere new is always weird.  We're still adapting to the sounds of this house and to the idea that we really live here and probably will for a very long time.  We keep putting things in places they were in the old house and are basically not using at all the three rooms we didn't have in the old house.  It is vaguely hysterical, but I'm sure we'll sort it all out.

9.  I highly recommend home warranties when buying homes.  We used ours on day 1 basically when the garage door broke.  The original problem has been fixed, but they discovered more problems and more fixing will be necessary.  So right now we have a three car garage whose doors only open manually and that is too filled with boxes to put cars in.  First world problems abound at our house these days.

10.  Being a third child is so different.  For two days he has wandered off during morning gardening time and just disappeared in to the house rather than help.  With the earlier too I would have notice asap and drug them back to the project.  This time I haven't noticed for a bit and he has seemed strangely surprised that his personal decision that he is done is not working out for me.  He can be a very good helper when he is so inclined, but is needing a bit of "encouragement" in that area of late.  He does his best helping when led by one of his siblings so we're working on that angle because, as you know, Everything is awesome when you're part of a team!

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