Sunday, July 26, 2015

Scrappy Sunday

Hi, so it has been such a long time since there was a "Scrappy Sunday" post, I suspect some of you don't recall that there ever was such a thing.

In short, scrapbooking is a kind of therapy for me.  It also allows me to tell our story and preserve memories in more creative ways than the hard drive of our computers.  This spring, it felt like my scrapbooking was shifting. I cancelled my long-time Studio Calico subscription and stopped buying any supplies other than the Ali Edwards Story Kit.  Then, we randomly decided to sell our house and move.  I packed up probably 10 boxes of scrapbooks and supplies and haven't reoppend them.  This is partially as their storage area isn't made yet and partially because I haven't really felt like scrapbooking for awhile.  That was weird and a little scary.  Brent has been very encouraging of late to try and get me to do it again. I think he knows I need the mental outlet and am happier when telling our stories in creative, crafty ways is part of my life.

Last night, I hit yet another stress, overhelmed, its all too much wall.  Why doesn't really matter, but I decided that today I had to resume scrapbooking or running or preferably both.  E's "may" not be healthy enough for the gym today so shortly after breakfast I broke out the small stash I'd set aside for during the move.  It includes 2 kinds of adhesive, maybe 6 months of story kids, 4 pieces of Bazzil Basics white paper in orange peel texture, scissors, 2 pieces of Amy Tan pattern paper, 1 package of gold letter phrases by Amy Tan, and a small mini album.  That is it other than office supplies around the house. Compared to the six boxes of supplies outside a small trove.

When restarting, it is best to keep it simple. Rather than try to take the deep mental dive into finding stories that fit with the Story Kit theme prompts and write something new, I borrowed stories from my blog and printed them out along with photos from our spring photo shoot with Heather Warren.  I used what I have and repeated the page design x 2 pages for 2 boys.  I have zero problem reusing designs and while these are technically the same layout, they are different enough to feel unique and will be in different albums so only you will know.

For today, I have two new pages of our stories.  Two mor


Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Good job. Everything evolves, everything changes. I am glad you found your way back to a place where you can create something beautiful, instead of simply fixing things at the new place. Take your time. People are always more important than things being just right.
I enjoyed spending the afternoon with you, Audra and the kiddos. Wish I hadn't felt yucky most of the time. My favorite part was brainstorming a book with Brendan. What a wonderful mind.

Chrissie said...

So happy to see this!!!!


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