Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Part of me wants to write more about the current house saga, but it would mostly just be whining about a large, LARGE list of first world problems. I attempting to plow through them with my usual finesse, but each and every problem costs a minimum of $200, it seems.  Word to the wise, our supply of $200 increments is not infinite.  At its base I really love this house and feel so lucky that we get to live her. Nonetheless, I do wish the prior owners were a bit more truthful and that about a few dozen less problems existed.

2.  The air conditioner saga really does have to be mentioned individually as it is so out of control.  About two weeks ago, my siblings made me call the AC guy ASAP as it was stupid hot in my house. Able's AC guy Josh rushed to the rescue and serviced both AC units (see first world problems). The upstairs unit proceeded to work perfectly.  There was a problem with the downstairs unit. So we turned it off to prevent further damage and called the home warranty insurance people.  They dispatched the ONE AC contractor they have in Oklahoma who could not come for 48 hours.  He arrived turned it back on agreed there was a problem that would cost $3-4k to repair and went off to consult with insurance (We paid him $60 for the visit).  Insurance agreed to pay for all but $75 of the remaining repairs and ordered all the parts on express so they would arrive by Monday.  Of course, contractor wouldn't schedule until parts arrived and then didn't have an appointment for 11 days.  I threw a fit --- like seriously an actual crying screaming mess (not on the phone, luckily).  Insurance tried to find a work around and finally after a week agreed to let Josh (the original friend of Able's install it), but only after a couple days of getting approvals for various things including coolant.  OK, so Josh didn't get that OK until 15 minutes before the warehouse closed for the weekend, but it was going to be Monday so all to the good.  He goes to pick up the parts, the warehouse won't release them so more texting with insurance who get it fixed up.  Finally, he is on the way.  Five minutes from my house he is rearended in a dramatic fashion.  This causes damage to the replacement parts, totals his truck, and results in him having a concussion and whiplash (and spending 6 hours in the ER).  So, then they have to order new parts and probably have the first contractor install them as Josh doesn't have a truck and does have injuries.  SOoooooo it will "maybe" happen this Thursday.  Also, we have a big birthday party at our house on Sunday and if it doesn't happen before then... who knows.  The insurance has purchased us some fans and the upstairs unit definitely helps, but the house is usually over 80 degrees and both units are running all the time so my electric bill is going to be insane.  End of rant for today.  I will keep you updated next week on how that is resolved.

3. Hmmmm what else are we doing... hmmm I feel like there should be more to say.  Well, we're spending a lot of time applying mulch in an attempt to keep the weeds at bay.  So far, we've purchased 20 bags of mulch and I'm pretty sure that won't be enough.  I really feel like the gardens need some love, but there is only so much I can handle with the heat.

4.  Last week, E went all week in underwear.  We only had 0-1 accidents per day.  It was glorious.  Then, he got a cold with some, umm, lower GI related issues and is back in diapers until things settle down (Sorry for the TMI).  Underwear would be very nice. I am very impatient and feel like the fact he is still in diapers is about 90% my fault.

5.  E saw his first movie on Saturday  (also in underwear!).  My family, Granddaddy, the Korenaks and my mom all came.  We took up all but one seat in the row to watch the minions movie.  It was great fun and both little boys (E and Ro) did just as well, if not better than their older siblings.  I still doubt we'll go often as it is expensive, but it was a great thing to do on a hot summer day.

6.  Brent survived and excelled at his first week of Science camps last week and is 40% of the way through week two.  I think things have generally gone better than expected. They  have, of course, learned lots of valuable lessons for next year. I'm ready for camp to be over and to have him home, but of course weekends we are both her all weekend remain in short supply on our calendar for the foreseeable future.

7.  I also got the cold or whatever random virus it is that B&E have both had.  The problem is that it is hard to take a sick day when your kids are home and there are 1000 things on your project list.  I decided we at least had to have food and found cold meds that worked well enough for me to work fine in the afternoon.  Telecommuting is certainly great on days like that.  I've been trying to rest a bit each day since and think I'm nearly back to normal, which is lovely.
In unrelated news, M also developed a very tasty pie recipe all her own this week and made dozens of crafts. Love her. 

8.  I have instituted little one on one evening chats with M before bedtime.  They tend to involve the most random things.  She mostly wants to talk about planning for her birthday party.  She very gently asked if maybe the boxed around the house could not be out during the party and I agreed we could probably fix that.  It is the little things :)  (NO, we are not done unpacking yet, why do you ask? It has only been a month).

9.  It has been over a month since we officially closed on this house.  That seems absolutely flabbergasting for some reason.  Part of it is probably being gone for the first 9 days we owned it.  Part of it is just all the focus on fixing stuff and getting everything pulled together.  Sometimes it feels like we're just staying at a nice, albeit expensive, motel and surely we'll have to leave when reality strikes.  Then I pan another contractor and suspect that we do, in fact, live here.  Tomorrow should bring an old family friend as one of these parading contractors,which will be a welcome change.

10.  B and I are now reading the Wings of Fire series together on Chrissie's recommendation. I'm never one to pass up a good dragon book and always good to get the kids started early.  B, unlike myself, is reading at least 3 other books simultaneously.  This is not my style, but I'm glad he likes it.  He is a big fan of the Mysterious Benedict Society books at the moment and big thanks to Grandma for starting him in that direction.  I'm going to miss him so much when school starts.  He says I'll be fine, but we shall see. 

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