Friday, August 28, 2015

Five on Friday

Usually around this time of year I do a five on Friday of our favorites from the "back to school" process.  Here are a few we've loved adding to our collection this year.

1. Twinkle Toes Backpack & Shoes for M - Grandma went with her to pick her new Kindergarten backpack and they selected this light up, butterfly swirl version. The shoes she is wearing nearly constantly are also from Twinkle toes (you can see her with both items above).  The shoes also light up on the toes, which is much better than on the heels as she can see it more.  Very fun!

2. Pottery Barn Kids Dragon Lunch Box - B picked out this lunch box and while it is expensive it is totally awesome.  I love the fabric and the lunch tray it comes with and everything.  I'm all for cool fabric designs that are not licensed products too :)  Our second favorite lunch packing item was a cool square lunch container from Old Navy of all places that fits perfectly in M's square lunch box and has tiered trays for salad (or sandwich) underneath and fruits, dressing,etc.. on the top tray.

3. Gap Socks - I "may" have gone overboard ordering socks for the boys.  I ordered each 12 pairs.... We're constantly out of socks or not finding matches or wearing them out or having the wrong sizes. I just relied on someone's recommendation that these were good.  Found some good coupons and bought them.  So far, they are great.  They feel really soft and the boys happily wear them all the time.  (The ones pictured are the ones I bought B.  They seem to be out of the cool strippey ones I bought E.....)

4. Wildly Co. - Basics - This is a cool company that sells great basics and one clever shirt per month that typically features a quote or saying I'd love to see my kids in and thinking about.  They are usually a bit too expensive for me to justify for just one t-shirt though.  Through the end of the month, everything is 30% off so I bought a couple basics for B & a skirt for M.  I'm trying to be more conscious about what companies and people I support with my money and am glad to support the family behind this company a bit while buying staples for the kids.

5. Get to Work Book - I'm moving back to nearly full time work and with it more things to keep pulled together at my job.  After my "almost busy season" pile began to grow I decided it was time to find a better organizational system.  I am just as shocked as you are that this will involve a paper planner. (This is just for work. Our family calendar will continue to run online for better sharing).  The best fit for my project based work I could think of was Elise Blaha's Get to Work Book.  Sadly, the version that covers the next few months is sold out. I pre-ordered the version that starts in January and bought an Agenda from "A Beautiful Mess" that will hopefully get me started in the meantime.  Both are created by creative, entrepreneurial women who designed them and their small businesses themselves so more people I'm more than happy to support.

Any back to school things your family is loving --- either for kids or adults? We always love new ideas. 

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