Saturday, August 22, 2015

WITL 2015 - Friday

 We got up closer to 7 today and had more normal breakfasts of cereal or yogurt.  We packed backpacks, but no lunches as they both had hot lunch today.  Then we enjoyed some of the beautiful weather in the back yard.
 B was back in his new happy place.
 Then, he read me some of the paper he found in the driveway.
Every year, my WITL includes a photo of the front of the house and this is one for this year.  A definitely different view than in prior years.
 We were still ahead of schedule and discovered the trash needed to be taken out so B helped me set out the cans.
 We headed to the bus stop for the first morning of the year.  M is convinced a boy on the bus looks like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter (I think it is the boy next door).  I tried to explain that he may "look" like Draco, but is not, in fact, him.
 Ready and waiting, but a very short wait today.
 M was first on the bus and seemed totally fine with it.  I did notice that there was a different bus driver today (foreshadowing) but didn't think much about it.  I was just happy they were easily on their way.
 E watching them leave - still in PJs, of course.
There they go!
We had about 1.5 hours until my meeting this morning so we went for a neighborhood walk as it was a lovely cool morning. 
 E still uses the strollers on the walks to the park as it is about 13 minutes away.
 This is the current favorite park equipment, and today it was all his.
He enjoyed the playground, but didn't use the slides as they were a little wet. 
E swung for 20+ minutes.  Good arm workout,for sure. 
 I took my call and E watched some Dinosaur Train.  Then, we made cookies, because you need to!  We used our favorite whole wheat chocolate chip recipe from Good to the Grain --- and added cinnamon, yes it is a trend.
 We did some playing, listend to some tunes, and ate lunch.
 I went to work for the day.
 He played some more, and watched some more Dinosaur Train (he just discovered the show today and is a fan).
Then he took a nap for about 3 hours.  He requested the switch to PJs and seems to sleep better in them so I agreed. 
By the time he woke up, it was time to go get the kids from the bus stop.  We learned the bus had had a small crash in the morning.  They all are fine (M says her nose is numb??).  Sort of weird that the school didn't let us know until after they were home this evening, but apparently OK.  Shortly thereafter, their cousins arrived.  There weren't tons of stories today, but they seemed to have had a good time.  More coloring, Gym for M, Music for B, Assembly (where the entire school sung "It's a Grand Old Flag, not just the Kindergartners), B met a possible new friend at recess.  M determined one of her other new friends is named Emma.  I'm told M started crying in the bus line when she didn't see B, but the safety monitors noticed and found him for her. Both brought home a few bits of back to school coloring/projects.  One of B's said he was feeling protective because his sister was riding the bus with him, which was sweet. 

 Grandparents, Aunt, Uncles, and Cousins all joined in for a pizza party and lots of stories to share.

 My adorable siblings!
Uncle Zach had a big day at work and seems to think we need more seating :)
After lots of playing and eating inside and out, B got some electronics time and entertained the crowd with tunes from Go Noodle.

Able & Ro had fun with some wings left over from M's birthday party.  Very cute, yes?

M took Grammie for a tour of her room and introduced her to many of her dolls while Granddaddy talked to Brent and the boys. 
Brent loves these puzzle balls.  This one is B's but still lots of fun. 
Uncle Able is staying the night with us and read M a chapter from her Neverland Faeries book. 

B is pretending to be sad about going to sleep here, but is secretly happy he gets to go read his dinosaur book.  Speaking of which, his new dinosaur lunch box arrived today and it is awesome.  Love good designs that reflect where we are right now. 

It was a good day all around, and we're all ready for the weekend. So glad to be capturing these moments. 

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