Wednesday, September 16, 2015

M's 6th Birthday Party

So about six weeks ago we had our first big party at Echohollow House.  M so wanted her birthday party to be the first big event here and it was.  The theme was Pixies & Pirates - the image above from Tracie is my favorite of the day.  When guests arrived they were given a small bag and a scavenger hunt list to find pixie or pirate treasure in the back yard. It was a tiny bit drisly outdoors, but great fun. 
 There were also pirate and pixie games inside, including Hook's Ring Toss.

 The Pirate room was very popular with Uncle Able and the Korenak boys.
 B also designed an obstacle course in the front yard. I helped him gather supplies, but otherwise, it was all his own idea and included a "walking the plank" step along the way.

 Serenity walking the plank.
 And Kyle in full pirate regalia.
 Uncle Carl made it a bit more tricky, but John rose to the occasion.  (Thanks to Uncle Zach for the plank ).

 The sandbox in the back yard was full of buried gems, bead necklaces,  and gold coins.  Various groups of kids dug through it all through the party.

 One scavenger hunt requirement was photos with the birthday girl --- yes,this is my sneaky way of getting photos with our guests :)
 Ro loves the treasure!

 B is typically allowed to invite one guest to M's parties.  This year he chose Adam and they had a great time.
 Uncle Zach took his pirate part seriously :)

 There were plenty of pixie wings for anyone that might want them, including Aunts Audra & Kari. (Actually, we still have quite a few wings if anyone wants some.)

 When all the guests had arrived, we opened oh so many wonderful presents in the Pixie room.
 Then, special Tinkerbell cake.  The inside of the bottom layer is rainbow.  M wanted a doll cake type cake, but slightly different. As you can tell, she designed and decorated it herself as well as assisting with the baking. (We baked the cakes at the Korenak's house as our AC was broken.....)

 Very festive! You can see the rainbow inside at the corner of this one.

 I have a delightfully large number of different versions of this picture -- lots of little girls with wings searching for treasures.
 This guy was at the party too and full of smiles if not exactly in costume.
 The Lam ladies came to visit us from Norman.

 This is the "Pixie" Room--- they ended the party with a dance party in here when just a few of the guests were remaining, but M deemed it her favorite part of the day. The photos on the left wall are from throughout the prior year.
 The food was all very pixie themed -- I do think the cool candies Grandma brought from the candy store were the favorites though.
Not to be outdone, there was, of course, Pirate food in the other room :)

Thanks so much for everyone who helped with the party, celebrated with us, and loves our little Lady.  She is a very amazing 6 yo and it was wonderful to get to celebrate with here in a big, fun way in our big, fun, new house.  Hooray for the first of many celebrations here!

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