Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Day in the Life

We're still adapting to the full slate of activities, full school schedule, and full work schedule for me.  Some days it works great.  Other days are nuts -- here for future reference is what today looked like:

  • Wake: 6:30am
  • Brent leaves by 7:10
  • Kids & I dress for day, pack bags, discuss lunches, gather ( and finish) remaining home work, brush hair and teeth, find appropriate shoes, etc... ALL out the door by 8am -- M & E go to bus stop to await 8:14 bus
  • I- drop off E at St. John's by 8:15ish start work by 8:30----followed by nearly four straight hours of telephone calls, which really doesn't allow much time to do the actual work....
  • 3pm - I leave to pick up E by 3:15, back by 3:35, get mail, discuss the day, etc... 
  • Brent arrives 3:45
  • M & E arrive by bus around 4pm
  • B does some homework, everyone snacks, M dresses for dance class and I dress for gym.
  • M & I leave - M goes to 45 min of ballet class followed by 45 min of jazz/tap.  Meanwhile, I go to the gym to exercise for an hour and buy a wedding shower gift. (M & I change back in to regular clothes)
  • B is "supposed to have Spanish lessons at home from 5-5:45, but tutuor cancels -- -so homework and video games. (Also, potty training accident #3 of the day after two days of no accidents). Also, Brent installs the new, high tech theromstat.
  • Every one meets at Chic-fil-a for a quick dinner before the baseball game.
  • 7:15 arrive at baseball for warm-ups ---- remain until about 9pm Baseball. B's team struggles and the games are very slow with new pitchers.  During the game M & E play with other younger siblings or Granddaddy.  M even watches part of the game. Everyone is exhausted. 
  • At home, everyone is hustled in to bed, but it still takes at least 30 minutes.  Then, I drive to the Korenaks to drop off the old thermostats for Habitat for Humanity.
  • At home, it is 9:45 and yes, you guessed it, time to make brownies for the teacher's luncheon at CT tomorrow.  I bake and Brent chops vegetables to go in the "international" rice dish I'm supposed to bring as well. 
  • The brownies bake, I blog, Brent plays some video games and it is time for bed.  

Tomorrow we'll do some variation of this again.  Wednesdays are a little unusual as on this day only Brent comes home early and we have double activities (Spanish/Dance).  Today, it was triple to make up a baseball game cancelled last week.  That said, random things like that or the cooking for the teachers happen a lot.  Tomorrow, for example, is also school picture day.  Brent is does the morning drop off on Thursday mornings, but I suspect the time I save not driving tomorrow morning will be spent pulling people together for photos and school.  It is busy, fascinating, and never boring (well, maybe just a bit during the slow, slow baseball game). 

Now, this is normal. I know soon it will change all over again. 

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