Thursday, November 19, 2015

Compose Yourself - 3rd Grade Musical

 This is how the 3rd grade musical began--- Before the curtain rose we were a bit confused about where B was as he did not appear to be on the risers.  We forgot that he was in the opening act and there he was as the Beethoven pedestal.
 The 3rd Grade performed the "Compose Yourself" musical.  Which features modern kids interacting with famous composers (who are only just realizing they are dead).  There are lots of puns and funny bits.  Also choreography for each class.
 B's class was first and danced/sang to the intro and maybe some of a Mostly Mozart Morning.
 I loved this gag bit where they tried to get the audience to scream if it loved music.
 Totally love the jazz hands and huge smile! (He went to "Mendelssohn's" birthday party this weekend, which was fun).
 Beethoven appears throughout most scenes of the play, but B was only Beethoven for the portion featuring his class (one Beethoven per class).  He did have some fun lines and sang "Out of My Way" to the tune of Beethoven's fifth (you know, dun dun dun, duuuuuun).
 He has had a couple speaking parts before and did a great job.
 His class choreography included a kick line, which seemed a bit ambitious to me, but they pulled it off fairly well and who doesn't love a fun kick line with friends?
 Thinking hard and rocking the steps.

 More Jazz hands
 Love the telephoto as it let's us see that he is really in to it and having fun, not just up there going through the motions.  SO glad he enjoyed it as much or more than we did.  Keep in mind, all those photos were pretty much in the first five minutes of an hour long performance.... Then he was on the risers and having less fun. Keep in mind this was the third time they had done the program that day so exhaustion was setting in. I'm glad his class got to go first while he was still energetic!
Late in the program, all the classes sing a short song in German.  He had been practicing for some time and liked this part.  At the very end, each class also did a rap about their class room. Ms. Courtney's class rap was obviously the best as it included shout-outs to pizza and frito chili pie!

Overall, it was fun to watch and he seemed to enjoy the whole process from preparations through the stage.  We loved watching him sing, dance, and have fun with new friends.  I think it was a great success!

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