Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 1

I promise, I am, in fact, doing December Daily this year. (New to this project? Read about it from Ali Edwards who is the leader and creator of this documentation project).  The great thing about having done this six times before is knowing that not having finished Day 1 on Day 1 is not a big deal.  Did you miss a day? No problem.  It takes a very short time to do each day.  Just one photo and any story.  It doesn't matter which one.  Tell a story.  You will be thankful later.  If you want to make it prettier, go for it, but don't let things get in way of telling your story---- stepping of soap box, as I'm probably just preaching to the choir or myself.

In any case, here is Day 1.

Day 1 I talked about our very slow entry in to the Christmas season.  The star in the picture was the very first purchase I made for our first Christmas in our new house.  I positively adore it.  The sleigh in that picture is new as well.  Learning to decorate against a black wall is pretty interesting. Mostly Day 1 is just about beginning -- beginning Advent Calendars, decorations, Christmas music, wish lists. I did very, very little preparation for Christmas in November this year for a variety of reasons so Advent will be a true season of preparation for me.  Things are moving now and I love it.  Bring on the twinkle!

Crafting notes - Star Sequins are from a prior year, but card and numbers are from Ali Edwards December Daily kit.  All are adhered with glue dots.  Easy peasy. 

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