Friday, November 13, 2015

Halloween 2015

Ok, two full weeks later - Halloween! Here is the whole crew at the October Birthday party the week before Halloween.  E is a bit hidden, but otherwise an awesome picture and a great celebration of Grandma, Able, & Kari's birthdays.
 Sister Pic!
 Korenaks - Just such an awesome family picture that I had to include it.  They are seriously good at Halloween.
 Here we are - Little Red Riding and her Big Wolf, a Spider Witch, Dragon, and Ninja.
 Love having pictures of just us once in awhile. . I may wear this costume for years as it is comfortable, warm, and fun. My tendency to repeat costumes makes it difficult for me to criticize B who so far has been a ninja twice and a star wars character of some kind 3 times.
 The cousins.  So cute.
 Love this guy :)
 At the b-day party we also carved pumpkins.  M won the award for doing the best job cleaning hers out by herself.  B carved his by himself for the first time and I had a type A moment when asked to carve M's. Silly things stress me when intense high pressure things are my fav and best moments.  I'm weird that way.
 Smile :)
  M drew the design for her Harry Potter idea.
I attempted to cut it out... ahem.  The ears are due to a need to cut out some rotten spots. 

Three awesome kids and pefectly suited costumes.  The dragon costume is on loan from the Korenaks.  E seemed to think he needed poses like big brother.  B had MANY ninja poses.  M is just like this all the time, and a perfect witch.  Amazingly, all three kids wore these costumes to every event this year.  In prior years, there was some switching (mostly M) but this time everyone was content to stick with their first choices.  They were good choices too as they worked with varying weather and were easy to play in, not to mention very cute. 

We were ready a little early so there was time for a tickle party with the Wolf. 

 M had promised our next door neighbor Tim that we would visit him first.  The kids all loves Tim and he loves them.  It is awesome.  We began and ended the night trick-or-treating at his house, per his request.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love our neighborhood? Definitely do, and it certainly was beautiful for Halloween.
 Just down the street, more fun -

 We took the Korenaks to the spooky house. I had seen it while running and walked the kids over earlier in the week.  They were SO excited to show Zane who loves all things spooky and this definitely lived up to its reputation.  Hard to capture because it was dark, but so awesome without being gross.
 These two boys are getting so big and ran around merrily together.  I was flabbergasted that E never asked to be carried, ran everywhere, carried his bucket until the last couple houses and was generally such a big boy.  No more babies at our house.  Bittersweet moment, but so proud of him.

The night, predictably, ended with me sorting peanut candy out of E's bag and everyone enjoying their King Sized Chocolate Bars before trying to go to bed.  It was such a fun evening.

Thanks to the Korenaks and Grandma for joining us in our neighborhood this year.  Especial thanks to Grandma for handing out candy while we walked through the neighborhood with the kids.

It was a lovely evening and I'm so glad we get to share it with our family.  

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