Friday, November 13, 2015

Five on Friday

1.  The Oatmeal Comic strip that has been circulating - great message and story. Check it out. (You need the whole strip for this to make sense, not just the part here).

2. Why I think my preschooler is in the CIA - very humorous if you have or know a preschooler

3 White Pintuck Duvet - Crane & Canopy - Once upon a time, I made my first visit to the Hyatt on the Hudson (across from Manhattan).  In a trip where I met NYC for the first time, the thing I remember the most (and loved the most) was the incredible bedding.  Since then, I'm very much a sheet snob and fan of white bedding.  My new fave is this duvet cover which makes me feel like I'm sleeping under a fancy wedding dress.  Random, but true!

4. One Pot Chicken Herb Rice - Ok, this is not an earth shattering recipe or one I'll remember forever.  It is one I'll make again because it is so easy and healthful --- we made ours with orange pieces instead of lemon and added carrots to the pot to cook with the rice.  Easy, flavorful with a few extra Savory Spice Shop blends to kick it up a notch.  Weekday win.

Merch Blog

Merch Blog (clipped to
5.  Emer Pants  Randomly loving my Emer pants from my Stitch Fix.  They have a fun pattern, elastic waste (key for holidays) and are the right length for my short legs.  They have a lot of patterns available elsewhere. Thought I'd share the fun. 

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