Thursday, December 17, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 15

Ok, so these photos are super yellow/red.   I have attempted to fix that, but sadly beyond my skills so I had to let it go. Letting it go may need to become my theme for the week.... I digress.

This was a fun day.  I won the first year of college roommate lottery and am still best friends with her.  She lives in El Paso these days and was in the city briefly this week so we took an hour for coffee and catching up.  M and I then did a little shopping at Sterlings next door, which was actually wonderful. I wanted to buy many things, but resisted because I've really spent my gift budget and then some.  We just bought one special thing for Grandma, which was our plan going in.

This did make us a tiny bit late to pick up E, oops?

Anyway,  I like to keep this house kind of cold by other people's standards, apparently.  This is, in part, because I like to have blankets on at all times, also I'd rather spend money on robes than heat, apparently.  So, this year, I bought robes for every one of us and they are a HUGE hit.  The kids wear them morning and night and really Brent and I do too.  My favorite, of course, is E's robe that has ears on it! I grasp that this may be the last time I by clothes with ears for our rapidly growing children and I'm seizing the moment.  Weirdly colored photos aside, trust me they are adorable.

I have reattached my external flash to my camera to deal with some of these issues.... we shall see. It may also be my printer.  Any tips/suggestions? Brent says it is the light from the tree in part causing this.  I didn't have great pictures from the coffee/shopping so focused on the fun robes.  Very easy, but a great story/day. 

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