Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 14

The story I anticipated telling today was M's pre-Christmas Girl Scout meeting.  As anticipated, the meeting feature Christmas crafts, a service project of writing Christmas/Hanukkah cards to troops stationed overseas, Christmas cookies and lots of fun. M, however, as starting to get a little sick during all of this and perhaps not as in to it as she might have been on a better day. She did love earning three badges in one meeting though!

The more entertaining story was really B's Spanish lesson.  His teacher bought a casita chocolate for them to build during class using the instructions written in Spanish.  She also had him skype with her sister so he would practice speaking Spanish with someone else.  He was a bit shy about the latter, but loved the former.  The casita construction was fairly involved and lengthy, but it turned out very well and very delicious.  I agreed that they could begin eating it the next day so everyone was happy.  Great project and a great teacher!

As an added bonus, Granddaddy stopped by with an OU ornament for our new tree and to check out our decorations. I love that we live close enough for random visits and that he takes advantage of that a bit more each year.  Hooray for family, friends, and great teachers. 

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