Thursday, December 17, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 16

 The 16th was crazy.  This is what days 15 and 16 look like together. I decided to keep it to only a page even though there was a lot going on.  I love the transparency in between.  It might have been better on Day 17 when there was actually a bit of snow, but I'm happy with it here.

So here goes the story -- We started fairly normally, but I took my first call of the day from the parking lot of E's school while Brent went to get coffee.  Some calls have to happen.  Then we headed inside for E's very first Christmas program. (Can see some video of that here).
 E was in the front row so we could see him fairly well.  After his program, there was a small punch and cookies reception and he presented us with gifts he had made in class.  We offered him the opportunity to come home with me and he readily accepted.  This helped make the logistics of work and M's party in the afternoon flow a bit more easily.
 (Small aside, here is what day 15 looks like with the overlay. I may add another glittery star on the back so the cardboard isn't just showing through).
The page is a bit busy with text and random sequins, but so was the day!
 In the afternoon, I had a lot of "very important calls" and they ended basically the moment M's party began.  So, I walked in to an elementary school full of kids, parents, and parties with one of those silly earbud headsets on.... thankfully it ended just as E and I reached M's classroom. The party was very simple.  One little craft, bunches of snacks and a very high kid to parent ratio.
We came home long enough for her to change and for me to send one work email.  Then we were off to dance mini-performances.  The boys and I dropped her off, bought Christmas Tea supplies, and hurried back to see the ballet performance (you can see some video of the performances here). She was so graceful and grown up looking.  I loved it.  We made a mad rush over to chick-fil-a with Bill to get dinner and despite our best efforts missed a minute or two of the jazz performance.  This makes me very sad, probably sadder than her, but her eyes were "randomly watering" during the show.  Luckily, they always perform the song twice so we saw the entire thing in the encore.  She seemed a bit less pulled together than in ballet, but that may have been many things. We dropped of small gifts for her dance teachers and headed home to fall in a pile.

This was a very intense day from a logistics perspective and kind of a rough day at work for me. I'll admit M's watery eyes were not the only ones before this day was done, but I'm glad to have experienced all of it and to be on the other side.  Of course Day 17 featured more parties and fun, but definitely less than this big day!

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