Sunday, December 20, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 17

Day 17 - Third Grade "Winter" Party - This was the party du jour and E, B, and I attended.  I provided cake for some Elf cupcake craft as well as bringing juice (which no one drank?) There were TONS of parents there -- nearly one per kid.  The level of parental involvement is a little amazing. So we handed out dozens of candy canes, played trivial, and a candy cane game (see above photo where they are chanting for a team mate who is hooking candy canes from the floor).  The most humorous was a kid whose real name I don't know, but who asks to be called Wesley or "Farm boy" as he is a huge princess bride fan. Who knew that was a thing in the third grate? At the end of the party (bottom left) the entire school played Jingo (which is a combination of jingle and bingo using cards they made themselves).  That evening, Brent was home early (sick as was I) so we introduced our kids to the Elf movie and Granddaddy dropped by to catch just a bit of the fun.

I'm sick and a few days behind so easies crafting approach --- photo collage printed on the same page as the Day 17 digital art from Ali Edwards.  A few stickers and voila.  Easy and done. This is the point where I'm overwhelmed and not that creative, but I'm sure I'll bounce back and be glad to have the story and photos in the book regardless. 

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