Friday, December 4, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 2

Day 2 was a mish mash of of things I'm loving right now. One thing I happen to be loving --- all the stars, in my house and on these pages.
The top picture here is actually from Day 1, but that's fine - it is illustrative of the fun we're having with Advent Calendars.  B is using the old school version that I randomly add something to each day.  M is using Lego Friends and E has a Playmobil version that I bought at the end of last year and is actually strangely good do far.  The card and glitter stars are from Ali's main kit.  The journaling is just a list of things I am loving right now.
The second page is a couple of things that illustrate things I'm loving right now. The top left might be my favorite.  This is our kids playing a new game that, I think, is called Huggy Buddy.  They chase each other around the house at length trying to catch and hug each other.  Then drag the others hugging behind them. Repeat.  What could be a better game? I love that they love each other and that games involving hugging are reigning here right now.  The bottom left is M at dance class.  They are practicing short Christmas routines for parents night in a couple week. She loves the decorations at the studio and the dancing.  She is so elegant in her new leo, and also a whole head taller than almost every girl in her class.  Love her. Ultimately, I'll probably add some sequins to the top right pocket as well.  Hooray for glittery stars, dancing daughters, hugs, and Advent surprises.  The Christmas glow is spreading. 

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