Thursday, December 10, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 9

If you missed day 8, you can find it here.

Things I relearned this evening include - my DSLR just takes way better photos than my phone, especially indoors at night.  Tip for the day!

On to actual "news" Day 9 was "Holiday Happenings" for the Kindergartners.  This apparently meant an hour of making Christmas crafts.  I was so happy when it turned out I would be able to attend.  (I accidentally tried to attend the day before it was actually happening I was so excited...or unorganized, let's go with excited).  For one hour, the Kindergartners rotated through six centers making various Christmas crafts, decorating (and eating) cookies, making jingle bell necklaces, etc...  I was tasked with helping make glittery cotton ball snowflake ornaments.  Many of you know I have a "no loose glitter" rule at home, which makes me not a very fun mom.  (In fairness, there is a similar clause in the standard space rental agreements at my job.... glitter is forever).  

I digress -- In short, I spent an hour with Kindergartners and loose glitter.  I returned to work much happier and more glittery.  I am getting to know them after a couple volunteer stints and am quite happy with the friends M has chosen for herself.  Her friend Isabella, in particular, is a lovely girl, and of course Paisley is quite entertaining as well.  M seemed to have a great time as well and did an amazing and careful job with her crafts.  I am SO glad I got to spend this time with her and love Christmas crafts. If luck holds and no emergency meetings are scheduled I'll be back with them for more crafting fun next week!  

Having had to work so much of late made it both doubly important to me that I come and much easier for me to do so guilt free as I've definitely "done my time" and then some of late and my kids could use a bit more of that time back. 

Here are Days 8 and 9 together. Day 9 is very, very simple.  Just a bit of glitter tape and a few splashes of red (in a visual triangle, of course).

Finishing both pages, photographing, and blogging them took way less than an hour.  SO doable.  Love this project and this season of celebration. 

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