Thursday, December 10, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 8

Today, I went with a flip up card.  I had used a narrow tag on Day 7 and realy only wanted a photo that was that wide.  I played around with where to add the additional photo and number and decided it worked a bit better to cover a portion of the candy canes.  No fancy technique here, just washi tape holding the photo/journaling card on the page protector on both sides.

The annual candy cane hunt is one of the kids' favorite Christmas traditions.  They begin asking when it is happening on Dec. 1 and are more impatient with each day.  Some of our other plans will work better when our table is back from being resurfaced so I added this early in the month.  Thanks to cheap candy canes form the Dollar Store each kid was able to collect about 20 candy canes.  B does not like peppermint and M loves it so there is always a mix.  The favorite this year seem to be the blueberry ones.  Everyone did a great job helping each other get to 18 or 20 candy canes and enjoyed tasting and sharing observations on the flavors. When it is all said and done the remaining candy canes decorate the Christmas tree in our house for the next month and everyone is very happy.

Side note - I particularly love how the confetti shows through over the Christmas lights on the exterior of the house that is in the background.  Absolutely not planned, but a happy coincidence!

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