Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ten on Wednesday

1.  This weekend the kids got to spend some of their Christmas money from Great-Granddaddy. As usual, we put a portion (this time a larger portion) of the total in their college savings accounts.  E didn't quite get the concept, but eventually was thrilled to get BOTH 20 hot wheels cars AND a truck that can carry/store them all.  Ironically, we threw away at least this many cars when we moved because no one played with them.  Now, of course, they are very popular and everyone is happy.

2. I haven't done much crafting at all since the end of December Daily.  I had no plan or goals for my crafting, problems with storage/location of my supplies, and was just tired.  This week, my new Story Kit (by Ali Edwards) arrived and I decided I really needed to start using some of these fabulous products.  I decided to plan for one page per month per child and, randomly, began with November 2015.  I happily finished three pages for November and two for October and feel back on the crafting "horse." Hooray!

 After a bit of a spending spree during and following the house purchase I decided to try and spend no money on myself or the house this month.  This has been interesting and worked fairly well.  When we took down Christmas decorations, we needed a little art to fill the frames.  It so happens we have tons of art supplies so I made two abstract paintings for the empty frames.  M & I also made a little Valentine's art for a side table.  Easy, peasy, if not as perfect as the pros.  I did have to buy work pants this week so I can have them hemmed in time to leave for DC on Tuesday, but that seems non-frivolous as it is necessary for my job responsibilities.  I'm going to try and keep to a minimum for the following month too as we pay off some of those prior purchases.
 4. Magformers remain VERY popular.  I love this one of B's original creations, with just a little help from M.  Grandma got B a second set for his birthday that includes wheels and greatly expands the creative range.  Our kids and the Korenaks play with them daily so it is a great investment!
5.  On Friday, M and I went to Norman for the second straight week to enjoy the "Beauty and the Beast" gymnastics and wrestling meet.  The drive is long, but we had a great time.  M is now sleeping in all the huge free tshirts we've been gathering. Emily and her daughters joined us for a portion of the event to double the fun!

6.  I've been going to SO many doctor appointments of late for both myself and the kids.  I think we're all mostly doing well and my stitches should come out any day now.  Some of my new meds seem to be causing headaches, but hopefully short term.  Yesterday, while I snuggled in to deal with my headache, I got to read and watch M & E play imaginary adventures outside.  So glad our set up allows for times like these and that our kids are old enough to entertain themselves.

7.  B's little league team has fallen apart.  Instead of joining a new team, B has decided to try out tennis.  Happily, we've found a place near us that has group lessons that fit in to our schedule.  I've never really learned how to play tennis and think it will be a good thing for him.  Spanish is still on the schedule as well and we're trying to be much better about daily Spanish practice.  Not having baseball 3x a week will be different, and I think we'll miss some nights at the ball field, but maybe we'll go watch Zane sometimes just for fun.

8.  E is alternately awesome and frustrating.  He has been so sweet about my stitches and done so well at the Dr. Appointments he has attended.  We have great times together.  And then there are mornings like this morning where he falls completely apart over getting dressed and going to school.  Just sobbing and refusing to do the things we do every day.  So irrational. 

9. For several years, we've had a family book in addition to the smaller books we read to our kids or they read to us.  Currently, we are reading the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter book 4).  The kids are all obsessed with Harry Potter and totally loving it.  To my surprise M is the most in to the HP books and remembers an insane amount of detail from each book.  I wish I could find a way to translate that to other things we are trying to help her learn, but for now am glad she is loving this reading experience and the wonderful world of Harry Potter. 

10. Brent's birthday is on Monday (aka the day before I leave for DC).  It is tricky with his Birthday so close to B's as B's party with his friends is on Saturday.  We're still talking about fun things to celebrate with Brent, but leaning towards family dinner or maybe a date night in here somewhere.  Next week also marks 1/2 a lifetime since I met him. I am still so amazed and grateful to have found this love of my life so early on.  Hooray for happy endings and more birthdays all around!

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