Monday, February 8, 2016

Days Like This

I'm for keeping it real.  There are alot of sunshine, rainbows, and beautiful light in my blog and my online life, but every once in awhile we need posts like today to balance it out and be real about my day.

In fairness, most of my day was normal, fine, typical but there in late afternoon things went a little off the rockers.

This afternoon, I had a "strategic brainstorming" type call that ran right to the time I had to pick up M for Girl Scouts.  These meant I walked in to Cross Timbers to check her out wearing the little wireless ear piece thing that I always think makes me look like a tool from a decade ago, but sometimes that is balancing work and motherhood for me.  I finished the call in the car while she attempted to tell me random things and I kept reminding her I was listening to something else (mother hood guilt on cue).

The call ended before we arrived at St. John's so all was going well.  We picked up E from his school and walked him across the parking lot to child care at the church.  He was not thrilled.  This was the first of many sets of tears from E today.  Stuggle bus for sure.  He pulled it together and we headed to Girl Scouts.

We had been waiting in the hall for the Kindergarten class to dismiss and entered the room to find there had been a theft of some kind by one of our fellow Girl Scouts.  This lead to a lesson on "honesty" (a topic ostensibly covered weeks ago).  This drifted off in to a discussion about doing what adults tell you---- and some clarity that that is not always the right thing to do, Circle of Grace, yada yada and the troop leader, pregnant with her fourth child in 6 years and flustered, had to take a break before that went further.

We went through basic troop business and my friend Bethany arrived to teach the troop about Chinese New Year, complete with props, snacks, crafts, and a story explaining the tradition (her daughter is 1/2 Vietnamese so this was a sharing of her daughter's cultural heritage--- and very fun).  Meanwhile, I began cookie talks with the troop leader.  I turned in money and received 50 more boxes of cookies in return. .... Then things began to fall apart.

I attempted to take the first load of cookies to my car.  B called while I was out in the insane wind to report he was home and he HAD to tell me something, which I proceeded to not hear as the call dropped.  Then, I realized I left my keys inside (called Bethany who confirmed).  Hauled cookies back inside, tried again and called B back --- his news was decidedly non-urgent.  M helped me carry the second load of cookies.  I immediately realize I have walked off with some of Bethany's cookies so we head back to the class room, yet again.  There is some mad inventory checking in the parking lot and we finally all agree they are not mine, but hers.... Rumors are flying that the girl who stole may be kicked out.

We head to pick up E.  He is in the bathroom having just had a bloody nose,  We leave, and I immediately suspect he had an accident during that incident.  So we then go back in to the parish hall area and change his pants.... his bloody nose begins again.  So bloody nose, naked, etc... We finally pull that together... with more tears and thus more bloody nose.

He then proceeds to cry about not getting additional snacks when his run out, bringing his things inside, dinner, not having electronics, and basically everything that happens.... followed by more bloody nose....

Once home, M and I try to do cookie inventory, break the new cookies down in to orders, count by types, etc... I try to email our stuff to the new accountant --- this is ironic as I have to scan everything I have meticulously printed as she now wants it electronically when previously she said paper. Nice.

Dinner gets made and we wind down in to Harry Potter reading while I text Bethany about the hilarity that is Girl Scouts....

Not so bad, not so good. The many trips to the car and E bloody nose/wet pants moment really topped it off.  This is a very real look at 5 hours in a Monday at casa Richards.   It seems substantially less dramatic just a few hours later with wine in hand :)

Ps. Any one want Girl Scout cookies? You can order them here from wherever you are! M's Digital Cookie

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