Friday, March 25, 2016

Ten on Good Friday

This is for you Mom. A promise that I'll still blog...sometimes.

I go through phases of how I am drawn to spend my free time.  Right now, blogging isn't super high on the list, but scrapbooking has been so life is being document, in a paper way just now.

1.  Last night B and I went to Holy Thursday Mass.  Growing up it was my favorite Mass of the year. I love the focus on helping other people, the connection to the traditions of Passover, the repetition, the rituals, the lessons of these readings.  I don't know.  The last words of the Homily last light were a call to service to others.  (Aside, it is no surprise that so many people in APO are Catholic as the "Be a Leader, Be a Friend, Be of Service are so tied to the concepts we're taught in this moment).  Anyway,  Edmond's version was not Bison's.  It was 2 hours long with 3 priests, 2 deacons, 9 Knights of Columbus in full regalia, including swords, and about 80 kids preparing for first communion holding flowers as they joined int he final processing.  Parts of it were in line with my memories, but it is just different with hundreds of people.  The processing kids was definitely awesome.  Hmmmm.  Glad we went and glad of moments I get to share with just one kid.

2. B has been taking tennis all month and it has become a fun family event.  There is a tennis court in our neighborhood and last week we played so much during Spring Break. He has decided to sign up for a second session of lessons. I've long since learned not to expect that my kids will stick with anything long, but even if he doesn't I think it could continue to be a great family activity.

3.  M finally received her long-awaited American Girl Doll.  Aunt Jamie went with us to pick it out at the store in Dallas.  M, to my surprise, picked out exactly the things she had selected online when we were looking before the trip.  The doll is holding her attention even days later and it is lovely.  So far, we're both really pleased and Bella Jill goes almost everywhere with us.

4.  M's long awaited dance recital costumes also arrived and she ADORES them.  Dance is tricky as you learn all year to one performance.  M likes to perform and I think sometimes wishes it was more like little league with a "show" every week.  I'm so glad we're getting close to the big reward at the end.  Meanwhile, when I picked her up from jazz class this week she was wearing one ballet shoe and one jazz shoe as she just forgot to change the other shoe between classes and never notices.  I love her!!

5. Harry Potter continues to be a source of great family love and attention.  We read it almost daily and they plead for extra chapters when there is any opportunity.  They play Harry Potter sometimes by themselves, but most often with their cousins.  We are on Book 5, which is a bit more intense than the prior ones.  So far, they are handling all but the occasional mention of kissing quite well. (Big thanks to Grandma for all the costumes and accessories!!!)

6. E sometimes falls asleep on my chest during Harry Potter readings and I take a picture every single time.  It is my favorite and I'm so having a hard time letting go of the wonder of my kids sleeping on my chest.

7.  Over spring break we also ventured to Dallas to celebrate Matthew's 5th Birthday and spend some time with the cousins.  B mostly loved all the gaming time.  I think E's favorite part was nerf guns or playing with Matthew.  M loved her American Girl Doll, the Big 12 Gymnastics meet, and, well, everything in true M style.  I loved listening to the kids watching the Peanuts movie together in the next room full of giggles and happy sounds.

8. I'm still trying to remember to just take every day pictures of things we do that are our "normal" so that doesn't get lost in the events.  These three photos are some of my favorite "normal" photos this week.  One is E walking along the wall in front of the rectory on his way to school complete with spring flowers and a "ninja" pose.  The other is M in one of my favorite of her outfits ready for school pictures and looking so much like the young, sweet, girl she is. The last is B reading a book to E before bed.

9.  I am really only running 1-2 times this week and almost took it inside today with warmer temps and SO SO SO much wind.  I stayed outside for the awesome tulips at Hafer Park.  This photo doesn't do it justice, but you really should check it out if you are local.  Otherwise, our across the street neighbor has some gorgeous tulips.  Our spring flowers are pretty rocking too, I think. I so love spring....

10.  Fun fact, Easter celebrations begin tomorrow.  Not one of my kids has an Easter basket and we don't actually have 1/2 the ingredients for the things I am supposed to be making. I guess we know what I'll be doing during tennis lessons today.  Next week I have a minor surgery and am trying to not stress about it, but I think that compartmentalizing may be inhibiting my ability to plan ahead.  I'm good at doing stuff in the last minute though so I'm sure it will work out?   Happy Easter!

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Just now got the internet back and read this one. Thanks. I want you to continue blogging not just for my benefit but for your written record. You will check back on these in coming years and be glad you popped in and wrote a few words. (P.S. It's April. You know what that means. :_)


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