Sunday, April 17, 2016

1st Communion

 First Communion for B has been a long time coming.  First, there was the timing mix up that puts him at this place a year late. Then, there were two years of classes.  In the second year, there was also first reconciliation and its retreat,  prayers to memorize, the Catechetical Mass (where they explain all the things going on in Mass, making a banner, then the first communion retreat, then practice for the big day and finally here we are!  A lot learned and a big step.
Here he is in this magic suit we bought for Uncle Able's wedding that somehow still fit fine once we let out the hem and added a new tie.  He looked very sharp. 
 Aunt Audra helped with the banner and so many things this week including tons of delicious cookies from a Elieen's, new rainboots, and lots of encouragement along the way.  She is rocking Godmother work! Thanks so much, Audra!
 Today, B and I arrived at 8:15, but there really wasn't much to do the first 30 minutes we were in the Great Hall with his class.  We took some of the above photos, and in this one he is telling me a story. It might be my favorite of the day :)  He remarked that the girls in their fancy dresses looked a lot different, but the boys look about the same.  Good observation...
I don't really have a photo of him actually taking communion and, in fact, could barely see it as his extra tall teacher was mostly blocking the view.  Luckily, professional photos are coming (yes, that is a thing?)  It went like this though,  they processed in in pairs, and the entire class sat together in the front pews.  Some the kids did the readings, others helped with gifts, and everyone had a chance to answer questions during the Priest's sermon. I thought he did a really good job with them in contextualizing this moment and encouraging them onward.  (Father Ray has been awesome throughout this process.)  After communion and announcements, his class got up and sang/signed their song.  It went better than I had anticipated.  Then there was the mad rush for group pictures and I elected to defer to the pros I was paying for that photo in the crush of people and cameras.  
 Aunt Audra (to the rescue again!) took a family photo for us.  No clue what is up with E here, but that's about how it goes...
 Here he is with his Godmother and one of his best smiles of the day.  He was really hot in his 3 piece suit and it came off right over his final photos with Audra.  We had cake and punch at the church reception and then came home for the video game after party of a 9 year old's dreams.
 Here he is with 1/4 of the cookies Audra brought - a good mix of crosses, OU, Storm Troopers, and Thunder.  Perfect mix and another real smile! Two in a row!
 This is some of the wonderful crew that joined us for lunch.  Able & Kari made amazing pulled pork - so delicious and a huge help.  Grandma brought buns and Grammie and Granddaddy brought 4 kinds of ice cream!  Some of B's old friends from Angie Debo came to spend the afternoon playing along with some of our other friends.  It was great fun.
 These two continue to be adorable together.  E was a little emotional today, but still managed to have fun.
 Tracie and I had lots of time to catch up and we actually used our fire place room.  It is great for gatherings as people can talk away from where the kids are playing and the tv.

In addition to all that talking, there were video games, computer games, board games, and lots of nerf and light saber battles.  I think a great time was had by all.  We went in with Grandma to buy B a Kindle Paperwhite to help with is reading passions and have it all linked up to the library after he had nearly devoured the book we gave with it in one day.  We love to read!  I think getting presents surprised him quite a lot so whenever someone gave him one it was an extra cool bonus rather than an expectation, which is perfect.

After everyone left there were more games, some dinner and talking, Harry Potter time together and then off to bed for some more reading on the Kindle.

For me, I was surprised that I almost cried as he had his first communion.  I have worked hard and spent a lot of really good time with him to get to this moment.  I'm so grateful for the journey and the one on one hours we got to spend. Also, during that moment someone was singing "Remember me" and I thought how much my Dad would have been proud of that moment even as the rain poured down bringing him closer.  Undoubtedly, my connection to my Dad in the church is a big piece of what keeps us there and he would have loved this moment.

My favorite part probably was when he walked up stairs to take a bath and said : "Well, this has been a really fun day"  This is very high praise from B and I loved it. I wanted the day to be a fun celebration his style and I think it was.  Hooray for big milestones, faith, and a happy boy. 

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