Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ten on Thursday

1.  A third blog in 10 days! Here I am just after finishing the last 4 mile run of the training for the 5k this weekend.  I've been running about 2 days a week in recent months and doing cross training the other days.  There are some caveats.  I didn't run for nearly two weeks around my surgery.  The runs are mostly around 3 miles in hilly conditions.  There have been a sprinkling of 4 mile runs and 2-2.75 mile runs in the mix too.  I feel under trained compared to prior years when I was running 3-4 times a week usually a mostly 2-3.2 mile runs.  Who knows.  My breathing this week was worth than usual so saying I ran the 4 miles is somewhat misleading as a few hills were walked in there.... It will be fine either way, but probably a slower 5k than in some year.

2. On Saturday, the OU Men's and Women's Gymnastics teams BOTH won the National Championships.  This has never happened before either for OU or from any university. I was, as you might imagine, very excited.  Big thanks to Brent who ran tech support for maybe 3+ hours to allow me to watch these stream live on the big tv.  Next year, Audra, M, and I hopefully will watch the ladies try for another in STL!
 3. On Saturday, M, Mom, and I went to see the lovely Iris at the Will Rodgers Gardens.  There were dozens of gorgeous varieties and I think our collection will be growing in August.  It was a lovely morning among the flowers.
 4.  I keep trying to get rid of this kitchen as it feels like weeks go by without anyone touching it.  And then suddenly this little guy will fall back in love with it and begin cooking me all sorts of things and it gets to live for another day.

5.  I have been trying to do more fun things with M's hair b/c you're only six once.  She went to school with her hair like this one day this week and it stayed in all day!

6.  Today is B's last day of state testing.  It has been a long road and lots of support and fun from the school and family (Gift pack above from Aunt Audra was a hit!)  I think we'll be glad to have it over, and move on to studying the Great State of Oklahoma!

7.  This is Dr. Dotter's Daughter's Daughter's Daughter -- so fun to say.  She loves to tell us stories, can barely stop talking, or moving. She loves flowers, the outdoors, dance, gymnastics, cool outfits, cowboy boots, fun hair, and being in the center of attention.  We love her madly :)

8.  We are focusing back in on some how projects because that is what I do in April.  A year ago today, our old house was put on the market.  Hard to believe it has been a whole year! Yesterday, we, at long last, had the concrete pad in our back yard ripped out.  The contractor lives in my neighborhood and is going to try and come up with some creative ideas for that dreaded retaining wall too.  Next up for the concrete pad site is two 8x4x2 ft. beds.  We are also trying to pick out a rug and a couch for the fireplace room... we shall see.  I did find a side table for my chair in the office and a few more smoke alarms for the house.  We also added some trellises outside.  Progress!

9. I am reading at least 3 books right now - Name the Wind, Hamilton: The Revolution, and Fragile Things. The later I picked up on sale because Neil Gaiman is a good writer/story teller.  It has suddenly become the book club book for Saturday as this book club has been thrown together at my house on short notice and books of short stories are good on short notice.  The first story was awesome.  I'm only to story 3 just now, but so far, very well written as anticipated!

10.  Brent is in that crazy time of year where he sleeps less, and works more.  He is prepping for the end of the semester, multiple summer camps, and a bunch of research opportunities for his students.  This weekend he is spending part of Saturday interviewing students for next year. It is a really intense time for him.  Weirdly, now summer is much more intense and stressful than most of the school year.  He is probably the only one hoping for August. Hoping it all goes well!

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