Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December Daily 2016 - Days 11 & 12

(If you missed days 9 and 10 you can find them here).

Day 11 - This is a big day for the ladies! M, Grandma, and I joined Tracie, her mom and niece (and a couple friends) for the Nutcracker at the OKC Ballet. We have learned to take photos before we leave and this one is lovely.

The Nutcracker page was actually part of my planned foundation pages too. I had imagined more photos for this event in a collage, but really I just wanted this one in the end. I do want a picture of M with her two Nutcrackers that she craddled throughout the event, but strangely don't have one.  I actually like how the page turned out, simple and organic. It works well with the simple one page for day 12 too.

Day 12 - Today, I joined M's class for their Holiday Party.  The first graders get to decorate "gingerbread" houses made of graham crackers and milk cartons.  Each kid had their own container of frosting and lots of treats to decorate them with in their own way.  M's house was very cute and creative.  She wasn't interested in the party snacks so we left when she was finished decorating.  At home, B and I ran to Target to fill the "festive socks" for the swim team exchange.  B did a great job picking out fun things for the socks and got a fun pair of Rudolph socks with treats after swim practice.  SO fun!

Meanwhile, I also tried (again) to get lit garland back on the mantle.  That did not succeed (again) and we did manage to break a few more things in this attempt- and lots of things fell on my head (ouch!).  It was a trying day, but lots of things got done.  We also made cinnamon buns for Day 13 and cookies for my colleagues in DC.  Brent, thankfully took over dinner and picking up E, but still a pretty busy, and at times frustrating, day. I ended the day talking with my mom and catching up on the December Daily, which is a good way to end the day.

Day 11  Video - M & Pierce Dancing in the lobby after the Nutcracker. The first few seconds are a little rough, but stick with it as it is adorable.

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