Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December Daily 2016 - Day 13

 Day 13 - Light! We celebrate Santa Lucia's Day by having Miss M wake up the family int he morning wearing a lighted wreath.  She served everyone cinnamon buns (biscuit type cinnamon rolls) and oranges.  We gather around the Christmas tree and talk about being a literal and figurative light in the world.  We talk about feeding the poor.  We talked about helping people, being kind, and the story of Santa Lucia.  We talk about how this tradition developed in our family.  Grandma was with us again this year, which makes it extra special.  See that night gown she is wearing? Grandma made that for me when I was a little girl and I probably wore it when I was the young girl in our Santa Lucia celebrations.
Santa Lucia's day is most commonly celebrated in Sweden, or maybe Italy.  It became part of our family tradition due to a Tasha Tudor book - A Time to Keep. It is a book of holiday traditions around the world and has beautiful illustrations. It includes the tradition of Santa Lucia's day and a girl wearing a beautiful crown of candles.  The idea of  light in winter, feeding the poor,  and this beautiful tradition definitely appealed to me as a girl and to me as an adult.  So, we celebrate this one Saint's day each winter.  It is delicious, simple,  and full of life and light.

Crafter note - That journaling card was originally for day 10, but I didn't notice it when I was crafting on the 10th---which is unfortnuate as I had a lot of trouble figuring out the card for day 10 and "might" have thrown a messed up card in the general direction of my mom in frustration late at night... Sigh... in any case, I like this one and it fit really well here so I peeled off the 0 and made it the 13th.  This was also a reminder to look at my foundation and see what great plans I prepped for days ahead so I can use them and take advantage of the preparations I made!

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