Thursday, March 9, 2017

B's new Bike

At long last, B has a bicycle that fits him!  I think it is possibly only one size smaller than my bicycle (aka Grandma's, which she is loaning me). It has gears and everything.  I'm told almost all the bike's this size were green, so green it is! The hills at the end of the street are still a challenge for, well, all of us, but he has freedom to ride the neighborhood again.  He has been low key about it, but I think is pretty happy to have his own bike again.
 This was supposedly one of his 10th birthday presents, but we wanted him to have the opportunity to pick it out himself and with weekends full of swim meets almost continually since then it has been delayed.  We also originally assumed winter would last long. But here we are with already weeks of intermittent spring weather and a sad boy with only too small bikes and a plethora of scooters...and a ripstik (which he is mastering, but is hard)
This does mean all five of us finally have bikes that are our size.  We also seem to have five extra bikes in random sizes, some of which we keep for nephews that might stop by.  We also have a tiny bike for a niece that may someday want it.  I digress.  The good news is B has his bike and we're all off to enjoy the beauties of spring. 

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