Friday, March 10, 2017

A bunch of birthdays

Our family has SO many birthdays from January -March.  We're going to go through them quickly, in reverse order, just for fun. 
Most recently, my nephew Matthew turned 6!  He had a pool party, in March, in Oklahoma... it was too cold for the grown-ups, but the kids loved it, somehow.  At this same party, we celebrated Brent's mom's birthday.  Double birthday parties are a good idea in a season full of birthdays.
My birthday fell just before.  We don't really have good pictures from that. This photo is from Bill's party (see below).  We did celebrate my birthday with pizza after B's state swim meet and have pie on my actual birthday with the kids, Able, and Kari.  Brent also brought dinner, which was delicious and fun in a very busy Wednesday. I got really fun presents. I'm especially loving the bar necklace from Kari and Able that says "she persisted" and all Brent's gifts, but especially the tray. Also Brent AND Audra both got me new water bottles/cups so I'm well hydrated for the year to come. 

The week before, was John's (Matthew's brother) birthday - he turned 9. John randomly asked our kids for lots of potatoes for his birthday. (I think this is related to a video game).  Who are we to deprive him? So, in addition to the gift we planned, he also got a bag of potatoes.  We had a week day evening party complete with lots of pizza and everyone was happy. 
Just before that was Rowan's 4th birthday party.  Ro is super fancy and in to pearl snap shirts.  He had a western themed party and Grandma made sure all our kids were on theme. It was tons of fun!

The day before that party was Bill's 65th birthday party! Jamie through a big party with all the extended family on both sides and it was great fun. 

A week or so before that was Brent's birthday.  We slightly celebrated with cake and pie at Audra's house on the weekend and then had birthday fudge and presents the day of here at home.  M made him that lovely scarf he is wearing in this photo. 
Back when I last blooged, we were celebrating B's birthday.  Here are the photos from his big mash up birthday party with family and a few friends who stayed for a sleep over. I love the doughnut cakes!  Uncle Carl's birthday was the day after, but sadly I have no photos. 
The biggest news and actual "birth day" was the arrival of our first niece Alice Pearl on Jan. 17. I was so blessed to get to take pictures of her and her parents on her first day. I feel so lucky that I got to meet her just hours after her arrival and that we get to hang out with her fairly often.  She is growing quickly and has the most lovely expressions already.  We are SO happy for Able and Kari and excited for the great adventures to come.

Happy Birthday to all the many birthday people from the last three months!

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