Wednesday, May 23, 2018

WITL 2018 - Friday

There really is a reason why I should journal during the actual week the photos were taken.  Already, I  look at them and can't really remember some of the back story.  For example, why did B not going to swimming this Friday? I have no clue, but I'm fairly sure he didn't for mysterious reasons?  SO as best I can remember, Friday, May 11. 

7:25am - Brent heading to work.  Photos of Brent is one of the bonuses of this project. I so wish I had more photos of my dad so I really make sure to take them of Brent. This one is particularly good. 
7:26am - B doing dishes - again- He really doesn't do the dishes as his morning chore every day, but it definitely was a theme this particular week. 
7:51am - E setting up Tic Tac Toe game - we played several times and had fun.  It is also worth noting that he is actually ready for school a bit early!

 8:23--- cue the nearly inevitable tears.  It is time to go, but he (as often happens) hasn't had any electronics time.  Clearly he could have as he was ready 30 minutes ago, but did other things.  It is irrational and frustrating all around. Electronics time is not a priority for me so I never remind him it is a choice, but there are consequences.

8:25am - we're in the car, waiting for E to pull himself together and get buckled in -- our normal NPR playing.
 8:31am - about to exit the car - It is the last day of teacher appreciation week so each kid has some collection of gifts for the remaining people. M is also carrying in the popcorn for the teacher's lounge popcorn bar.

11:56am - Lunch! This is of note because we actually grew that broccoli in our garden!  I found these broccolini type plants and while they don't really make enough at a time for all of us we throw them in things here and there--- including my lunch! The rest is left over grilled chicken and some of the left over baked potatoes M mage yesterday.
12:43pm - Moose walk!  One of the ideas behind getting a dog was that it would get us outside and active more.  In concept, I can/should take Moose for a short walk in the middle of my work day.  I rarely do, but am always thankful when it happens.
 4:12pm - I've gathered up all the kids from school/bus and we head straight to the grocery store to buy food for the farm tomorrow.  M&E also manage to spend some of their Christmas money on stuffed animals....
 4:29pm - Our cart as we are checking out-- We almost never get chips, but they were part of our assignment for the Farm and for Mother's Day with the Jones family.
5pm - Home and trying on clothes from my stitch fix as I try to cobble together clothes for DC .  None of these made the cut. E did have a good time though. 
5:15pm - M went looking through my cedar chest and found this gem from the first "formal" dance I went to with her Daddy in college (it is clipped in the back) along with my favorite gold shoes that she loves to borrow from my closet.  She did pick them out for me with some help from her Daddy. 
 5:15 -- the cedar chest is always full to over flowing and has the most random collection of things inside!
 5:39pm M and E processing strawberries to make jam as gifts for mother's day!  The recipe comes from a raddish kit they got a couple years ago and it is delicious.
 8:25pm - B taking inhalers and pondering the mail? I'm not sure what is up here, but we're on our slow process towards bed.  In the intervening 3 hours, we played outside, sprayed weeds, and met our new neighbors.  We talked to some of our current neighbors along the way to deliver cookies to one of the new families on the street.  The weather was lovely and it was so nice to just have a chill evening.  The next day, I realized I was supposed to be at book club during this interval and just completely forgot? That is pretty unusual for me, but I suspect I needed the quiet time at home and in the neighborhood more.

 8:27pm - E flossing--- which is adorable, somehow.
 8:27pm - Brent waiting for people to go to sleep. I love him.

1, 2, 3 kids all in bed if not yet asleep!

We have date night on Fridays so we watch a movie together. I believe it was Ant Man on this particular day, which I really enjoyed!  Then off to sleep for a very full weekend ahead. 

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