Saturday, December 20, 2008

Big Boy Bed!

This post has been slow in coming with all the choas of late. Sadly, I already find myself forgetting details and that is no good at all. On December 6th, we decided to purchase B his big boy bed. My Grandpa Dotter had kindly volunteered to sponsor this purchase as a housewarming gift and this was the last weekend for awhile with possible time for shopping. We hadn't planned to take B to the store, but ultimately did. He had a GREAT time. He climbed on everything, talked to the sales people and was very enthusiastic. We picked a relatively simple platform bed and added big storage drawers. Erik and Brent picked it up that afternoon in Erik's truck and assembly began shortly thereafter.

Brendan was fascinated by all the pieces, the hammering and apparently the idea of a new bed itself. (Note: When asked previously about wanting a new big boy bed he'd answered affirmatively which is rare with B as he says no to many things he actually wants). B got out his hammer and new CAT tape measure from Uncle Zach and joined in the construction. His primary job was handing board to Daddy. Somewhere in the midst of this we realized we had no twin sized sheets which yielded a trip to Target on a Saturday that was too close to Christmas. We found some car sheets and were ready to roll.

While B was bursting with enthusiasm, Brent and I were much more hesitant. I had visions of no more taking naps and tearing his room to pieces when left in there alone. Or maybe, tears after falling out hurting himself and many other horrible outcomes. Much to my amazement and pride none of that happened. We washed the sheets and B helped put them on the bed. When it was time for night night he was ready to go. Brent laid him in bed, tucked the sheets close (his first time with a pillow, top sheet and real blanket). He loved being tucked in and seemed quite content. We left with a tear or two in my eyes, and waited listening. Nothing happened, just quiet. He apparently just put himself to sleep as usual. When we checked later he wasn't oriented quite right, but appeared to be sleeping happily.

A couple weeks have passed and none of my fears have been realized. I can't promise he hasn't gotten out of bed sometime when I've put him down. However, I have no concrete proof that he has. One time, I thought I heard his wagon being pushed, but otherwise he has stayed in bed when put there and hasn't fallen out or hurt himself. I know he will eventually start escaping probably, but so far naps and nightime continue as before. He doesn't seem to like the pillow that much and does like being tucked in. He will climb in and get himself oriented then wait to be tucked in with his blanket. His new cover and a second set of sheets have arrived and everyone is at home with the situation. We have installed the drawers as well and the surprise feature is that they don't go all the way back to the wall so there is an awesome little boy tunnel under the bed as well. I admit, I'm still sometimes surprised to see the bed there. I am, however, so proud of my big boy and astonished that we've come to this place already. Time flies by yet again.


Jamie said...

how much fun is this?! I am so happy it was an east transition for you all. Can he open his bedroom door? If so, that could make for a aupeise one night!

abbeyviolet said...

So far, he can't open doors, but I'm sure we'll be there soon!


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