Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Little One!

Today, my little one turns two. It still seems so fitting to me that my DC baby would be an inauguration day baby and so every for years the day is extra special and connects us back to our beginning. I still remember the day my Doctor said to me "Looks like Inaguration day." Probably wouldn't have been the immediate connection had I been pregnant here. He, as with only 5% of babies was born exactly on his due date. It amazes me how far we've come from adorable helpless one to boisterous, chatty little person. I am in ongoing awe of the experience.

We have been celebrating the passage of another amazing year for days. It started with Uncle Zach's arrival on Thursday through Uncle Able's departure yesterday afternoon. The biggest surprise was Able's attendance as I had no clue he was coming. He drove straight through from Denver after working on Friday night and we were so excited to see him on Saturday morning. Uncle Zach and Aunt Audra came separately on Thursday and were my special helpers on Friday and Thursday as I tried to wrap up inaugural issues at my job, study and get the party prep underway.

With all the insanity in our life I accepted that I just couldn't do all the food and prep for a birthday party on Saturday that exploded into, at final count, 33 guests. So Jamie, Audra, Marilyn, Tracie, Sarah and my Mom helped with the food, drink, chairs and decorations. The food, in particular, was awesome and we still have Thomas the Train decorations up to celebrate with today. I kept responsibility over the cake and some finger foods. You can see the pictures of the party and our January doings here. We were so blessed to have all B's Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents with us as well as our friends and his little buddies too. It was loud, boisterous and a lot of fun. Sadly, B seemed a bit scared of the "Happy Birthday" singing and burst into tears. He quickly recovered to enjoy the much anticipated and requested "birthday cake." Otherwise, he had a great time and enjoyed playing with all the new toys. We have so many new fun things he just doesn't know where to start these days.

Today, I've kept him home with me from day care as I have the day off work for the inauguration and it seems apporiate to have this day together. We've had popcorn for breakfast, a little cake, run to Target for milk, watched the Inauguration together, played and had a good time. He is gradually recovering from his little cold and has his 2 year appointment tomorrow. This evening, I anticipate more birthday cake, snuggles and moments of treasuring our wonderful, sweet boy. We Love You Brendan!


Aunt Audra said...

Happy Birthday Brendan!!!!!!!!!! I'm s happy Zach and I got to celebrate your birthday with you! Also, it is pretty cool your 2nd b-day is on such a historical day, hope it was tons of fun for you guys! We Love you!

Erin said...

Happy birthday, B!!!!


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