Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy January Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to all our January Birthday buddies below. We hope your days were wonderful and wish you great joy for the year to come.

My Grandma Blakley - can you believe it -- 94 years old
Elizabeth C - Turned 1!
Brendan - Our own little 2 year old birthday boy!
Carl J. (Aka Uncle Carl)
Timothy G. - Turning 2 today!

(Am I missing someone? Let me know and I'll add you to my Google Calendar!)

Also, Happy Anniversary to Emily and Dave who, I believe, are celebrating four years of marriage. I remember their wedding well as it was my break from studying for the Virginia bar exam and a fun trip with Holly to Louisiana.

Sending you all smiles and Happy Thoughts!

(Ps. The cakes are from B's birthday and my very own creations with a little help from Aunt Audra! For you non-Thomas fans, they represent Thomas and Percy from Thomas & Friends... we took a little creative license of course.)

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