Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Crash

Ever since the transition to the big boy bed I've be subconsciously or sometimes consciously waiting, wondering, listening, expecting....... the crash. At first there were pillows along the edge of the bed. Then the reading lounge pillows were moved there when we reorganized for the train tracks after Christmas. Just yesterday, the reading lounge was shoved over a bit so we could open the drawers under his bed fully to store new toys from his birthday. Last night was Brent's weekly dorm duty night. I was studying away as usual.

Then suddenly--- thud, crash, cry! My heart leapt and I knew it had finally happened. I ran in hoping I was wrong. No, he had indeed fallen out onto the carpet, face first missing the nearby bean bag chair by, I kid you not, less than an inch. He was laying there crying in the space between his bed and the lounge pillows not making any effort to get up. So, I calmly picked him up and we rocked and snuggled a bit. Oddly, he was still mostly asleep which I hadn't anticipated. After just a couple minutes he was quiet and I laid him back down. He didn't protest at all, just wanted to make sure he had his sippy cup and that I didn't put the sheets on his feet. Then back to bed and quiet snoozing. Much less dramatic than I had feared and my big, brave boy handled it so very well despite being sick and I'm sure scared. I had visions of never wanting to get in bed again, crazy injuries and sleepless nights. This time it was great to be pleasantly surprised. I love you my brave, strong, endlessly surprising little one.


Erin said...

I'm glad he's okay! Timothy has done a few *thud-wail*s too, and he's always a bit stunned, but all right. They learn quickly even in their sleep where the edge of the bed is, so you generally don't have too many problems after the first couple of times they fall out. After we removed the safety rail from Timothy's toddler bed, that's what happened, but within a couple of nights, he didn't have any problems. :)

Jamie said...

no sheets on the feets? interesting.

Summer said...

Very scary. This is what I'm wrestling with when the new one comes. I kind of want to reuse K's crib, but that means moving her to the big girl bed at exactly 2 yrs of age, which is what you've done. It's good to see that it is going well, other than the crash of course, but even that doesn't seem like it was that bad. Keep us posted on this please, my fear is that she will just be up all night playing with her toys - has he done that at all?

And I don't like the sheets on my feets either. ;-)


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