Monday, January 5, 2009

Part I - Christmas Eve

(Part I of our Holiday fun to be spun out over several posts- clearly should write these contemporaneously next year).

Uncle Able arrived on Christmas Eve and insisted his visit start with a trip to the gym -- admirable dedication-- so B and I went along. B apparently had an accident while there as when I picked him up in the day care he had a new huge white T-shirt and was pretty sheepish. After an encouraging chat with Uncle Able he was ready to go. Back at the house, we prepared for a brief trip up to the farm.

At the farm, B took his nap and we prepared dinner with my parents. My Grandma and Uncle David joined us for dinner and some presents. Dinner was delicious and everyone was in good spirits. They gave B a little red rocking chair that has been used for many years in our family. It has come home with us and B really likes it, but oddly will only sit in it with his shirt off. I have no clue why. He also got a tricycle (since named "baby-cycle by B) for use at the farm from my parents. It is awesome, but just a tad bit big. After presents and food, we got ready for Christmas Mass at Bison. My parents definitely thought I was nuts to bring B with so little sleep late in the day, but I wanted the boys with me to celebrate Christmas.

The church was beautiful with blue and white lights and candles. A change for Bison, but lovely. B was actually very good, although confused about why Grandma was up reading rather than with us. Thanks to some cheerios, candles and a toy or two all went pretty well. There came a point where the incense was too much and Uncle Able and Grandpa had to take a break and took B outside to run for a bit. The incense was a bit much for me too so Dad had to open the window so I could have some fresh air as well.

After Mass we caught up with old friends and discovered a dear old friend of mine is expecting a baby just a week or so after I am (I won't tell her secret here just in case it isn't public news yet). After chatting with her and letting B run with the little boys we packed up and headed back to Edmond to be snug in our beds for Santa's arrival.

Brent and I in fine parenting tradition spent some of the night wrapping and assembling as little helpers do:) At the end of the day, it finally felt like Christmas had come and the days to come were full of that joy.

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Jamie said...

Sounds like a great day! I love the baby bike!

And please share the news of who is prego when it is public! I love those stories!


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