Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Part II - Christmas Morning

This was our first time to have Christmas just us in our own house as a small little family and it was wonderful. As parents, it was lovely that B slept until after 8 so we got some rest after a late night and could wake him to enjoy his surprise. (I know earlier days are to come). I had started on breakfast and food for the events later in the day when B emerged. He discovered a brand new easel from Santa. It has a chalkboard on one side and on the other a wipe board that you can pull big sheets of paper over. It came complete with new chalk and new crayons in his stocking. After some initial drawings on the chalk board we convinced him to check into the stocking where more fun awaited.

Santa upheld tradition with some oranges and chocolate, but there was also a car, crayons, a coloring book with stickers, a stuffed animal, and more goodies for little boy fun. B had a blast and predictably went right for the chocolate and candy canes. We played with this round of toys and then he was amazed to discover there were more under the tree.

This was when we discovered B has a limit to how many presents he is interested in. We opened several including new shoes (which he was surprisingly excited about), and he helped Brent and I with ours. Then, he had no interest whatsoever in opening the last one, which was weird, but we saw no reason to push it and left it for later present events. He really wanted to watch some of his new "movies" (DVDs of kids books --really mostly page shots of the books read by famous people). So we watched some movies and had breakfast muffins together.

It was a lovely leisurely morning as we didn't need to be at Grammy and Granddaddy's until 10:30 or so. I think we were a bit late, but had a wonderful Christmas with just our little family that I'll love and treasure for years to come. I still don't know that B understands Santa or Christmas, or what was going on, but there is plenty of time for that. For now, it was enough to share each others joy for the morning.

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