Friday, January 9, 2009

Part IV - Richards/Jones Christmas

Hmmm, are you getting tired of our story? Much of this is so I can remember later and I understand if you don't want to read through all of them--- there are maybe 3-4 more posts to come so feel free to rejoin me later:) For those that stay, hope this conveys the fun and full holiday week we had and thanks for sharing our story.

On Friday morning, the plan was to get up early for Christmas at Brent's parents house with just our immediate family. Baby John had a rough night so we pushed it back a bit and got to sleep in a bit more. We arrived around 10:30 for breakfast and some play time before presents. We had monkey bread that Jamie often makes and I love in all its gooey splendor:)

After everyone was properly rested we did presents all over again. The boys both got "baby-cycles" of different sizes (both a bit big, but they grow quickly) and watching them help their Dads with the construction was great. B was particularly intent on helping Uncle Carl and with passing tools around. Overall, there was an amazing flurry of presents. Jamie and her mom are the most amazing with gorgeously wrapped gifts. B picked out our wrapping materials this year so ours were definitely a bit garish and out of place, but we love them all.

I'm always amazed how blessed we are and what great ideas people have for presents. I'm not so creative, but love that other people are. We got a nice mix of things from our lists and ideas we'd not thought of. Our new little one even got presents! Jamie and Carl gave us a soft hooded towel and neat chewable book and Brent's parents gave us a beautiful frame for the little one. Makes it all the more real that at this event next year there will be THREE little ones. Wow.

John was so smiley and adorable throughout. I just loved it. He seemed particularly enamored with banging my new saute pan which was great! B was fascinated by his new Elmo and insisted on trying on his new shirt immediately. Still, strangely against opening the last present (from the morning before that we'd brought along). Clearly, has an amount of presents he's interested in so we waited until things had settled down a bit and finally opened his new legos.

The rest of the day was just relaxing together, little boy naps, working on dinner and our stocking project. Jamie and I thought it would be fun to make stockings together so we each brought craft supplies and she found lots of stockings on sale so we could have matching ones. Thus far, we have enough for my little crew and hers although I think they may needs some work (need to finish B's name and I think she may rework John's). Grammy, Granddaddy and the new little one still need theirs made, but there is plenty of time before next Christmas! Finally, we had dinner of Penne Rustica which was DELICIOUS!

Jamie's friend stopped by and we said our farewells as it was little boy night time. It was great to have some relaxing time together and watch the boys just play as well has some big girl play time with crafts and cooking. I definitely slept well that night!

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Christal said...

Congrats, you guys!!!! Babies are such a gift from God. Loved the Christmas card...I keep those pictures in my Bible as kind of a "record" of loved ones and those for whom I pray. Blessings, Christal


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