Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Thursday: Blankets

B and I LOVE blankets. B has a lot of crocheted blankets (5 or so) from many people, but mostly from Aunt Audra. He has always loved them, particularly those with holes he can stick his fingers in. Over time, he has developed a favorite (see picture - this was September he as grown so much!). This one is actually made by Uncle Zach's mom (Hi Amy!). He primarily uses it for naps and snuggling time. However, of late, it also goes to day care with him. He had one in day care before for naps so we sent one this time too. I'm a little afraid that he has it with him all day as it is always with him when I pick him up. We mostly sent it for nap time and comfort, but think it is becoming he security blanket. Aunt Audra calls him "Linus" (after the Peanuts character). While, I don't want this to get out of control it is also a little endearing and cute. (Am trying not to worry about it as day care is temporary, but we shall see and I've digressed from the point of this posting entirely).

Anyway, he and I both love blankets generally. He will snuggle with my blankets and sometimes take the one I'm using for himself. I always have a blanket when I'm working at home on my laptop, studying, watching TV, etc. I'm not always cold (although I keep the house colder when I'm here alone), but just love the coziness of it. My favorite right now is one my mom gave me when I graduate OU. The top is made of flannel squares that came from my dad's, mom's, and brother's old shirts, nightgowns, etc. It is warm, snuggly and personal. Also, it is nice and big so Brent and I can share when watching movies together. B and I's second favorite is a smaller throw from Aunt Jamie made out of teddy bear type material. It is very soft and we're learning to share.

So today's random love is the snuggly wonderfulness of blankets and thanks to those that made/gave them. Snuggle up and have a wonderful day!

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Aunt Audra said...

My goal has been accomplished! As I spent many hours teaching myself to crochet and watching endless baseball while crocheting my hope was that the blankets would be his security item. I love that that came true!!! I miss that kid:(


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