Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blanket - Post Script

A predictable side-effect of B carrying his blanket all over, and in particular, apparently all day at Day Care is it gets quite dirty. He, of course, is quite loathe to wash it. On Friday, he took it to a new level of dirtiness. You see, while Brent and I were out sharing in the fun of Peter & Bethany's wedding (congrats!) B and Grandma went outside to look at the stars. Grandma suggested they get out blankets to look at the stars outside. B promptly grabs an old blanket of mine and his little blanket. Grandma sets out the blanket of mine and suggests they share. Of course B insists on setting out his own blanket and laying on that... in a yard full of dead grass. Yep, is subsequently covered in dried grass leaves. He is quite meticulous about the blanket having things on it and will pull off pilling yarn etc so he set to work. Then, I hear, drags it around in the grass some more. Finally, he is ready to go in and he and Grandma proceed to pull off every single bit of grass so he can sleep with it.

The next morning the adults in the house decide wash day has come. We send him off with Daddy to get buckled into the car so we can go out for breakfast (really really needed to go grocery shopping). Meanwhile, Mama carefully secrets the blanket in the wash. This is good timing as the blanket doesn't go places with us so he didn't notice. On the return from breakfast, he hangs out outside with Daddy inspecting the gap in our nearly new fence which Daddy apparently has to repair. Mama sneaks the blanket in the dryer unnoticed.

Finally, naptime nears and he checks out the blanket and seems a little perplexed. It looks smells different... He then says it needs to be cleaned and heads to the laundry room. Oddly, he now thinks his freshly clean blanket is dirty. We are, ultimately, able to convince him it is clean and he concedes to take it with him to naptime, but a humorous twist to our blanket saga.

Ps. Thanks to Grandma for babysitting and enjoying the wonders of outside with our little one~


Summer said...

Oh my, that is hilarious! So cute how their little minds work. What a sweetie!

jcarr said...

Sooo cute! Soon after Kaedyn was born, she became quite fond of a pink and brown "lovey" that a friend had made. I was nervous about the "washing", etc. so I had my business partner make 3 more and that way, we were never without! She was only a few months old at that point. We left one at her homecare so we didn't have to worry about "forgetting". The "original" seemed to be her fav but she never really complained. We did notice that she wasn't too happy right after we "cleaned" it! She always looked at it like something was wrong with it right after we took it out of the dryer. The extras came in handy and I will definitely do the same with the next baby if he/she shows preference to a blankie/lovey!!


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