Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Mom's Life

So, when I got home from the bar exam yesterday (more on that later) this is what awaited me:Right... Along with a message from day care to pick up B for an eye problem which Brent had already done of course. His eye was a little puffy in the morning, but we thought it was just from crying as he had woken up kind of hard. Brent had already talked to the pediatrician and had a prescription called in for antibiotic eye-drops by the time I got there. B actually handles the drops miraculously well.

This morning his eye was much more swollen than the above. So much so that putting in the drops was tricky as it was hard to get to his bottom lid. I called the doctor back to see if this was normal and discuss if he was contagious. We decided I should probably come in to be safe. After A LOT of waiting, mom and boy were both really out of patience, we finally were seen. Verdict - two ear infections and a sinus infection that has spread to the area around his eye. The doctor had been concerned that the ear infection would reappear if we couldn't make it two weeks without a cold which of course we couldn't in day care. So, he got a lovely shot that is going to make him sore for awhile, but hopefully help. We go back tomorrow to check on the progress and will either get another shot, oral antibiotics, or both and of course continue with the eye drops which are now every two hours through Saturday.

He is doing remarkably well as with my ongoing ear problems I very much feel his pain. The good news is that by tomorrow the Doctor says he won't be contagious anymore so I think we'll still be good for going to John's birthday party (if they'll have us). Glad we caught it today, but I do sort feel a bit sad to miss out on my day or two of recovery time, relaxation and fun. I'm now off to the doctor myself in an hour or so to have my ear looked at and meet my new primary care doctor. It is in the same practice where we spent all morning, but I've been promised that she runs on a very strict schedule so hopefully a shorter visit. Thankfully, Brent is coming home to watch B so I don't have to take him back to the Doctor again today, just first thing in the morning....

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Jamie said...

OH MY! Poor baby boy! Sending well wishes your way.


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