Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Cousin John!

Happy first Birthday John! We are so happy for you and your parents at reaching this major milestone. We are so looking forward to celebrating you soon and have positively loved our first year of Aunt/Uncle/Cousinhood. We're thrilled about you and B growing and playing together for years to come. Below are some of our memories from the first year!
Ps. I did survive day one of the bar for those interested. Very tired, but probably OK. We'll see what tomorrow brings and I'll write all about it later.


Jamie said...

Thanks so much! It was a great day!

We thought about you all day long in your test... one more day and you are done!

and...a few more days in your 20's!!!!

jcarr said...

I didn't realize you were taking it THIS week! I will be thinking about you the rest of the week and sending positive thoughts!! Love you!

Summer said...

These pics are great! I love John's face in the last 2. Congrats on day 1 and good luck tomorrow!


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