Monday, March 9, 2009

Book Fun: More resources and Pooh

Returning to our regularly scheduled fun -

I recently found this website - Book Club 4 Boys - as another resource for the mom's looking for book ideas for the boys out there (sure the girls would like these too). All sorts of interesting information to sift through and ideas for encouraging loving books.

For my own personal pick for this week I recommend A.A. Milne's collection. This is the author most famous for Winnie the Pooh 80th Anniversary Edition. Winnie is lovely and sweet, but sometimes has been a bit over commercialized by Disney in recent years. Although I'm a sucker for the adorable things they've come up with. While the Pooh stories are awesome I recommend branching out and getting the entire Pooh Library original 4-volume set (Pooh Original Edition)
as there is some really lovely poetry there as well that we really like.

We read B the entire collection in his first year and I'm sure he remembers none of it, but still read snippets and poems here and there. I think it is particularly sweet to me as I remember my mom reading us these poems when we were little too. Particularly the one that being "Timothy, Timothy said to his mother..."

Let me know if you have any great reads you'd recommend as I'll probably keep this as an occasional Monday fixture as we find new and fun things to share.

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DebB said...

James, is "James, James, Morrison Morrison, Weatherby George DuPree took great
care of his mother, though he was only three." I love it that you remember them fondly. I still love them too. One of my favorites is "...but it didn't have a May tree, a May tree, a May tree. It wasn't like a house at all."


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