Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bridesmaid fun

So much has happened I feel I have to back track a bit. As most of you know, my very first college roommate, Mary, is getting Married in August! One of my earliest memories of her is my grandmother predicting upon meeting her that we'd be lifelong friends and it seems she was right! Luckily for me, the wedding will be in OKC so I'm getting to spend some extra time with her in the preparation phases and get to be a bridesmaid in the wedding as well. Just after the bar exam Mary came to town for some appointments in preparation for the big day. Brent watched B for the afternoon and I joined Mary and her Mom on the wedding dress hunt. The good news, is it was ultimately successful and I had a great time. Mary is gorgeous and looked beautiful in all the dresses. I LOVE the one she picked and can't wait to see it on the big day. The bad news is that as I'd forgotten the wedding dress industry is nuts and has a way of making everything more stressful. I'm so very glad I got to be with her and lend some emotional support at this crazy time. After dress craziness we recovered with some cake samples and I also got to have dinner with her family and catch up on all the goings on. It was a great day and so wonderful to have so much time with my dear friend. I am excited to see her again soon in coming months.

My next Bridesmaid duty was finding a dress. In a miracle, never to likely be repeated, I actually liked and bought the very first dress I tried on. We're being given some serious latitude as to choices. Seriously, the e-mail instructions for this were the most hillarious I've seen and feature some humorous links encouraging us not to pick this or this - which I managed to avoid. Hopefully, the one I picked will actually fit when the time comes, but it is hard to know as I'll be just one month post-partum if you can imagine. (Yes, I'm crazy, but I love her!) I really like it and can see wearing it again so even if it doesn't I'm sure I'll get good use out of it. As an added bonus it was on clearance and as it is knee length no hemming to worry about! Also, I discovered lots of acceptable dresses in a wide-variety of sizes at David's Bridal so if I have to run in closer to the date I think we can make it work. I'm not going to share a picture of my choice for now so it can be a surprise later, but am quite happy with it and got Mary's OK. I will be interested to see what styles and colors the other girls choose.

Next up, planning a bridal shower!

Ps... the big ultrasound is tomorrow. We are so excited!

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Summer said...

I've been thinking about your big day tomorrow and I think I'm more excited for yours than I was for mine, just because we get to hear the outcome! Good luck and post ASAP!


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