Friday, March 20, 2009

Crafting (at long last)

After an insane break, I am finally back to crafting again. Have been buying projects even when I wasn't really doing them so have quite a few all set up. Although have to wait for some pictures to arrive and do a little picture sorting before I'm all set. Here's what I've been up to thus far:

Spring Wreath - generally made from silk flowers, floral twine and grapevine wreath. Added the welcome sign that B found amongst the St. Patrick's day clearance items. Doesn't quite fit the scale of the piece, but it is OK for now. We'll see if it lasts all spring.

Counting Book for John - No pictures just yet as I want him (and his Mom) to see it first, but a fun project I stole from my sister and a great use for my stash. I hope they like it!

Heart of my Heart Mini-Album - this is the project for the weekend. I'm using the same book as here (Michelle's is so cute!). It will be a book about my boys. Just pictures, pretty paper, sappy sayings and things I love about them. (Pics to come)

Next up:

Updating my Halloween album (2008 update)

Updating the "Book of Us" -- I add a picture and brief description of the year each year in this minibook of Brent and I through the years.

Thinking about making this Butterfly Chandelier for the baby's room. So cute and delicate. Have a butterfly punch from my earlier project and think this would be fun to do although a bigger punch might work better. I'm thinking of making it colorful rather than simple white. The ceilings are a little high though so may take some rigging to actually hang it.

I think the baby's room will be roughly flower garden themed including butterflies and with some fairies hiding in there somewhere. (I'm loving these and these too) So thinking pinks, purples, greens, etc... The furniture will of course be the same set we used for B. We're open to ideas about the rest of the decorations at the moment so any thoughts are greatly appreciated. I suspect it will be a mix of things we make and things we buy. Starting to look at wall colors in hopes Erik can do it for us in the next few months.


Summer said...

Ok, I am so impressed by your creativeness! When do you find time to do this? That too is impressive! I LOVE the decorations you have picked out for the princess's room, can't wait to see the finished product since you are obviously a decorator extraordinaire!

Jamie said...

I can not wait to see the counting book!

I love the butterflies and what not in the babies room - I am going to constantly be on the look out now.


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