Sunday, March 22, 2009

Little Worries

Brendan is sick again or still... I suspect it is just a continuation of the ongoing ear infections he's had more or less since January. At Thursday's Doctor's appointment he was improving, but not well so the Doctor put him on another ten days of antibiotic with hopes that we would avoid tubes and finally be well. Saturday at my parents' house he started to go downhill again. He's not any better today. He is sort of OK in the mornings, but after naptime is feverish and sick. He doesn't eat or drink very much and is easy to cry. As he's already on antibiotics I doubt they'll ask to see him again when we call, but it is hard to sit by and try things as he is again so miserable. There is just Tylenol, snuggles and a daily dose of meds. In the scope of possible childhood sicknesses I know this is a little thing and he will be fine one way or the other, but it breaks my heart. Poor sad little guy. Hopefully, he will improve soon. We'll just keep trying things and feeling lucky that he is normally a healthy happy amazing boy.

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